Why Tom Selleck Is Trending And Under Attack On Twitter

By Tristan Zelden | 29 seconds ago

tom selleck

Blue Bloods continues to run strong for CBS. Season 12 is premiering with the episode titled Hate is Hate on October 1. It has caught conversations across Twitter about leading star Tom Selleck (Magnum, P.I.), where he is getting a mixed reception as people talk about his public political comments in recent years, a 2019 advertisement from the American Advisors Groups where the actor encouraged reverse mortgages, and other controversies that have put him in the public eye.

Some Twitter users expressed their distaste for a rumor that Tom Selleck supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election. While people spoke about this, it turns out to be false. The veteran actor spoke on The View in 2016, where he said that he wrote in his vote as he had issues between both Trump and Hilary Clinton. Due to his conservative leanings, it was assumed that he had supported Trump. There was also a report that he praised the President during an interview with Breitbart, but it turned out that it was Jon Voight (Ray Donovan) instead.

Some people have pointed out that Tom Selleck never supported Donald Trump.

Then there is the controversy surrounding his participation in the American Advisors Groups advertisement about reverse mortgages, which seems to be the main topic of conversation on Twitter. It is a type of loan for older residents of 62 or older with significant home equity. They can borrow against the value of their home and do not have to make loan payments. There are issues, like how all of the interest and loan fees accumulated over the years are being spent and is most likely not a long-term solution as there is a risk of running out of money. People slammed Tom Selleck for this and often tied it into other aspects of his political beliefs.

Looking back further, some people on Twitter pointed out one of the weirder controversies that surrounded Tom Selleck. In 2015, he was accused by a water district in California of stealing water from a hydrant for his 60-acre ranch. A settlement was reached that the actor had to pay, but no number was released. He was initially being asked to pay at least $21,700 in damages, but there is no confirmation where the settlement landed in comparison to that figure.

Although this was years ago, people were happy to remind anyone scrolling through Twitter about the water theft by Tom Selleck.

When celebrities trend, like the recent Twitter trending topic of Olivia Munn (The Newsroom) and her relationship with John Mulaney (Big Mouth), people tend to pull highlights from their careers. For over a decade, Tom Selleck has become synonymous with Blue Bloods. Some fans have shared their favorite clips featuring his character Frank Reagan.

Others had to have some fun regarding Tom Selleck and his iconic mustache.

Tom Selleck will surely maintain his controversial status. Blue Bloods continues to be a hit cop-drama for CBS as it marches on for season 12 on October 1.