Tom Holland And Zendaya About To Take The Next Step?

Tom Holland and Zendaya appear to be taking their relationship to the next level and are planning for a long-term future.

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Tom Holland and Zendaya are reportedly planning to settle down and take their relationship to the next level. With their romantic entanglement making headlines more than a year ago, and rumors of their connection going back even further, many fans were wondering when the two would announce more serious romantic intentions. According to an insider from Us Weekly, the MCU Spider-Man co-stars are preparing for a genuine long-term future, and we couldn’t be happier to see the couple take their relationship off the big screen and right into the outside world.

The on-screen couple first met while filming Spider-Man Homecoming back in 2016. Tom Holland was set to play the titular wall-crawler alongside Zendaya’s fresh new take on long-time Peter Parker love interest, MaryJane, stylized in the new trilogy simply as MJ.

What nobody could have known at the time was that the pair’s on-screen chemistry would lead to a genuine real-world relationship, now going strong for over a year, perhaps following in the footsteps of Marvel alumnus Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston.

“They’re both in settling-down mode and are absolutely planning for a real future together.” The unnamed source tells Us, adding that the couple are very much “Serious and permanent.” Not much is confirmed about this relationship update at the time being, or whether this means Tom Holland and Zendaya have marriage or family plans in the near future. But it certainly paints a promising picture of the Euphoria they’re experiencing together and demonstrates the pair aren’t navigating Uncharted territory.

tom holland zendaya

The couple has chosen for the last year to be very private with their relationship details, even deriding the media for removing their agency on matters they would prefer to keep private. Tom Holland and Zendaya often prefer to share intimate moments off camera and out of the spotlight, while still sharing cute behind-the-scenes info about the nature of their relationship when the time is right for them.

Us Weekly notes that Zendaya was forthcoming about her excitement immediately texting Tom Holland when she won her Emmy last year, as the English A-lister was filming a movie while the academy awards were taking place.

It is heartwarming to see this relationship still going strong, and that Tom Holland and Zendaya didn’t go the route of so many other failed Hollywood link-ups. In an industry that moves so quickly where every move you make is so public, it is understandable why other major stars split up a la Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This is especially true considering producers reportedly told Tom Holland and Zendaya that a real-world relationship may be trouble in the long run since they’re both locked into multiple film contracts together.

For the time being, it seems that this relationship is not only surviving, but thriving, and leaves the world of Hollywood hopeful for the possibility of little half spider half Fremen children running around as a veritable superstar family. Tom Holland and Zendaya have filmed three Spider-Man movies together thus far, leaving fans to wonder what’s next for the couple as well as the characters. For now, we’ll just have to stay tuned and find out!