See Tom Holland Doing His Interviews Pantsless

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

tom holland chaos walking

Tom Holland is quite a popular actor these days. Obviously, he is most well-known as Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, but he also will be appearing in the sci-fi adaptation Chaos Walking and as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film. It sounds like the actor will be one busy guy over the next few years. And part of the job means having to do a lot of press and interviews for these many projects. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to realign how we work, the same has gone for actors. And that means that sometimes you don’t have to be wearing pants.

And that is the case for Tom Holland. Since he has had to conduct interviews for his upcoming movies, he is only being seen from his torso upwards. So, it turns out that he is like a lot of us and doesn’t feel he needs to wear pants for these interviews. Don’t believe us? You can see a photograph that proves the once and future Peter Parker likes to conduct his business half naked. Check it out right here:

It is a humorous yet endearing photo of Tom Holland. Every once in a while, it is nice to be reminded that celebrities are just the same as a lot of us. Who doesn’t want a chance to do something pantless? If there is ever an acceptable opportunity for you to carry out some kind of business without having to wear pants, it is totally worth it to consider not wearing pants. Tom Holland seems to have the same work ethos. And hey, doing interviews all day has got to be pretty stressful. You want to be comfortable. We support his pantless approach to his job. More power to him.

There will definitely be a lot of opportunities for Tom Holland to go pantless in the future. His next film set for release is Chaos Walking on March 5. The sci-fi film has been delayed countless times over, but as of now, it seems like it is finally getting released. Then there is the next Spider-Man movie that is currently in production. And he has finished his production work in Uncharted – unless they eventually are able to do some reshoots – as beloved video game hero Nathan Drake. There is no question that Tom Holland is in demand these days, so it looks like there could be more pantless interviews in his future.

One hopes that this will lead to more pantless photos of celebrities doing interviews. We would not be averse to seeing Dan Stevens, Idris Elba, or Charlize Theron jumping on the pantless interview bandwagon. There have been so many social media trends and fads over the years and we can’t think of a better one than pantless celebrities. The pandemic has made us all a little nutty, so it would be a nice reprieve to see celebrities going pantless like a lot of us have in the last year.