Taylor Swift Is Getting An Entire City Named After Her For A Wacky Reason

Taylor Swift's The Eras tour is being honored with Glendale, Arizona, the first tour stop, renaming itself Swift City for two days to honor the singer.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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Taylor Swift is about to conquer the world, even if a case can be made that she already did that with her second album, Fearless. The multiple-time Platinum-selling, Grammy-winning artist and movie director is now earning an even bigger honor: a city is being renamed Swift City to honor the leader of the Swifties. Consequence reports that Glendale, Arizona, the first city of her The Eras world tour, will be known as Swift City on March 17th and 18th to commemorate the first two nights of the greatest musical tour on the planet.

It may not be the greatest, but Taylor Swift is so popular that it took her fans to finally cause the United States Congress to look into Ticketmaster‘s monopoly over the live-event business. Once the world tour was announced, fans caused the website to crash and could not purchase tickets that were snapped up by countless bots and scalpers. That’s not even including the absurd fees charged by the company, which everyone that’s tried to attend a concert in the past decade is well aware of, often causing the cost to triple in value beyond the original price.

Given the sheer demand for The Eras tickets at every single stop of the multi-country world tour, it’s no wonder that Glendale would take the step to rename itself, even if for only two days, to get just the smallest bit of notoriety from being the first stop. The pronouncement from the city, which continues the trend of shoehorning Taylor Swift lyrics into official documents, has to be seen to be believed:

“There is no need to calm down, we’re fearless and doing something highly unusual to celebrate the fact that Taylor’s concerts start right here! We know all too well that she’s one of the most influential artists of her generation and we are writing our own love story for her and greeting every Swiftie in style!”

Glendale, Arizone Mayor Jerry Weiers proclaimation for The Eras
Taylor Swift

When the Super Bowl comes to town, cities don’t change their names; the same is true for Wrestlemania, the NBA finals, and even The Rolling Stones. Taylor Swift has ascended to such a high level of celebrity that even something as seemingly harmless as changing the name of a city for 48 hours becomes a hot-button topic. The initial leg of The Eras tour runs from March 18th through August 9th, with upcoming international dates still to be announced.

Demand for The Eras tour is so high, and every city, country, and stadium wants to be a part of it, as it’s been five years since Taylor Swift’s last major tour. In the meantime, Swift’s expanded into directing, even making a fan out of Guillermo del Toro, who praised the singer as “a very accomplished director.” What she’s not doing is appearing in Deadpool 3, according to Ryan Reynolds, who had to address the persistent rumors in an interview as, after all, it’s about the most popular singer on the planet.