Sylvester Stallone Accused Of Fake Workout Video

By Doug Norrie | 2 days ago

sylvester stallone

These days, actors and actresses can use social media for a variety of different uses. Sometimes it’s just a simple update about an upcoming project or announcement. Sometimes it’s to shill some goods. And sometimes it’s to post insane workouts to let fans know how hard they are working. Well, Sylvester Stallone posted that latter type recently but has come under a bit of fire with some claiming that the workout was actually totally fake, possibly just a publicity stunt. 

The original post came from Sylvester Stallone on his Instagram account and shows him in a gym with two 45 lb barbell weights in each hand. There are some workout histrionics going on here with the actor attempting something of a front raise involving him working to stand up while maintaining a grip on the weights. He’s able to stand all the way up, pose with his arms out after the effort before falling to the floor with the weights. Check out the original Sylvester Stallone post:

With the caption, “Good ‘heavy’ morning! Punching hard till the final bell…” Sylvester Stallone doesn’t appear to be making a joke about this workout performance. But some others have called into question whether Sly is really doing anything strenuous here, or just performing a publicity stunt. Other weightlifting experts and workout aficionados took to YouTube with some breakdowns of the Stallone post, calling into question its believability. One of those guys was Simon Miller who has 250K YouTube subscribers for his channel about wrestling and fitness. He gives a detailed dissection of the Stallone video calling into question a number of aspects of the move.

For starters, Miller says that Sylvester Stallone is making noises in his video well outside the norm for this kind of exercise. He also says that Stallone putting “heavy” in quotes could imply sarcasm. He then goes on to say that the weights aren’t “responding” the way they normally would at that poundage, saying they look like the ones someone could buy on fake weight websites. Miller also comments that Stallone’s muscles aren’t flexing with the same kind of strain he’s trying to show. 

In all, Miller thinks that this is simply a publicity stunt by Sylvester Stallone that was meant to be a little bit silly more than anything and took off virally with others believing it to be true. It’s tough to know the intent now and Stallone never sent any kind of follow-up. 

Whether this Sylvester Stallone Instagram post was real or fake, we might never know. In the meantime, he’s set to make a turn in the DC Extended Universe voicing King Shark in the upcoming The Suicide Squad. That movie releases on August 6th. He even got a Shark Week tribute this past week for the character.  He’ll also be starring in Samaritan when/ if that film ever hits theaters. It’s faced significant delays over the last few years and doesn’t have firm release date. The story is about Stallone’s character, a former superhero who has gone into hiding but is called out of retirement.