Sydney Sweeney Told To Get A Real Job

Sydney Sweeney revealed her family and friends told her to get a "real job" when she became an actress.

By James Brizuela | Updated

sydney sweeney

Families can be a bit overbearing when it comes to telling us what career choice we should be going with. Well, that is the case for celebrities, too, especially Sydney Sweeney. The fan-favorite actress recently revealed the horrible thing her family told her when it came to her budding acting career, as she stated in an interview with GQ, “I hated going home and friends or family members being like, ‘When are you going to come home and get a real job?'”

We would argue that Sydney Sweeney has certainly found herself a “real” job, as she has become one of the most popular actresses currently in show business. On top of her huge success on the HBO hit, Euphoria, she is also currently about to join the lucrative world of superhero movies. Sweeney has been cast in the upcoming Madame Web movie, and people believe her to be portraying Gwen Stacy aka Spider-Gwen, or possibly Julia Carpenter aka Spider-Woman.

Whatever happens, Sydney Sweeney could be asked back for many more superhero movies, especially because Madame Web is building out a new Spider-Man universe for Sony. We are not sure if those heroes are going to be welcomed into the MCU, but we could see that happening for the massive Avengers: Secret Wars event. The Secret Wars story is where Julia Carpenter was first introduced, as she took on the role of the second Spider-Woman and Madame Web in those comics.

Sydney Sweeney

Clearly, Sydney Sweeney is also doing things the right way, as she is being interviewed by GQ. Those who are not doing well behind the camera would certainly not be getting that cover story kind of treatment from a major publication. Despite the condescending comments that friends and family were giving her, she kept herself focused, and is now one of the premiere younger actresses in the game.

Apart from the previously mentioned Madame Web movie, Sydney Sweeney also has three other movies in the works: Immaculate, National Anthem, and Reality. She will be starring in Immaculate, which sees a woman named Cecilia travel to Italy in hopes of securing a spot at a convent there. However, things begin to take a turn, as Cecilia discovers her new home has some terrible buried secrets.

Sydney Sweeney is also starring in National Anthem as Penny Jo Poplin, which follows the black market invading a small town. The movie follows a rare Lakota Ghost Shirt that falls into the black market, setting this small town in South Dakota on fire with controversy and violence. Joining Sweeney in the movie is Paul Walter Hauser, Eric Dane, Halsey, and many more.

We would imagine that Sydney Sweeney is going to be adding even more movies to her already impressive resume, especially if those include her reprising her role for more Spider-Man features. Should this Sony/Marvel connection keep happening, we could be seeing Sweeney’s potential Spider-Woman role cross over with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, effectively bringing together two of the most popular young actors. We are not sure why people feel the need to speak about acting as not being a “real job” but Sweeney is certainly doing her career justice right now.