See Sydney Sweeney Barely Wearing A Top With A See-Through Skirt

Sydney Sweeney dazzled at the Armani Beauty celebration in a small black top and a see-through dress

By TeeJay Small | Updated

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney has had an incredibly eventful week, with salacious tales of a possible cheating scandal seeming to rock the Euphoria star’s enormous fanbase. Sweeney shared some characteristically dazzling photos this morning via Instagram, which show the star attending an Armani Beauty celebration alongside a plethora of young A-listers, including Dylan Sprouse, singer-songwriter King Princess, and her White Lotus co-star Lukas Gage. Not pictured in the series of photos were Sydney Sweeney’s Anyone But You co-star Glenn Powell nor her husband-to-be Jonathan Davino.

The comments on the Instagram gallery post have been flooded with confused fans demanding an explanation for the recent controversy regarding the star. Sydney Sweeney was recently seen exiting a hotel with Glenn Powell without her engagement ring, sparking rumors that she had either called off the upcoming wedding or engaged in some form of a romantic tryst with the Top Gun: Maverick actor. With over one thousand comments on the post in just a few hours since it was made, dozens of fans have made humorous comparisons between Sweeney and her Euphoria character, Cassie.

In Euphoria’s second season, Cassie enters into an emotional rollercoaster following a budding romance with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, Jacob Elordi’s Nate Jacobs. To make matters worse, Cassie begins the secret love affair while she is already in a relationship with one of Nate’s best friends, Algee Smith’s Chris McKay. This kind of crisscrossed love parallelogram is characteristic of the high-tension drama the series is known for, leaving many of Sweeney’s fans to wonder if the character of Cassie got to the actress’ head.

Sydney Sweeney maintains that her relationship with Powell is strictly platonic and based only on their shared time working together on the upcoming Will Gluck-directed romantic comedy, Anyone But You. Unfortunately, the fans don’t seem to buy this explanation, with all social media posts by Sweeney rapidly becoming swarmed with cloying demands of a further explanation. To add fuel to the fire, Sweeney’s fiancĂ©, Johnathan Davino, was recently seen leaving their shared home with bags in hand.

Obviously, this is all speculation at this time, as Davino could have simply been preparing for a trip. After all, it’s not as though he was photographed moving furniture and selling the home entirely. For many fans, Sydney Sweeney’s explanation doesn’t seem to be enough to tide them over, leaving them to intrude upon her personal life with hopes of learning more.

Luckily, Sydney Sweeney seems to be ignoring the rampant intrusions on her personal life and focussing on her work. The Reality star is set to lead a number of upcoming projects, including a leading role in Sony’s Madame Web, according to IMDb. Other upcoming credits include a drama thriller called Echo Valley, which Sweeney is set to star in alongside Julianne Moore and Domhnall Gleeson, as well as a horror picture called Immaculate.

In addition to her currently slated projects, Sydney Sweeney has also been in talks with Sony Pictures to develop a number of films, including a modern adaptation of Barbarella. The 25-year-old star is clearly on a path to success, regardless of what her overreaching fans might suggest.