See Sydney Sweeney Doing Her Best Madonna Impersonation In A Sexy Red Top

Is she a material girl too?

By Britta DeVore | Published

sydney sweeney

While the role in the upcoming Madonna biopic ultimately went to Ozark star Julia Garner, Sydney Sweeney is turning heads and showing us what we’re missing. Heading to her Instagram, the actress shared a photo of herself in a red dress, akin to something the pop megastar has donned time and time again. The shot was taken by legendary German photographer, Ellen von Unwerth, and looks like it will appear in the artist’s magazine, Ellen von Unwerth’s VON

Sydney Sweeney could make anyone swoon, something she proved once again with her new Insta post. Hair done perfectly, with blonde curls hanging over her shoulders, the Euphoria star’s blue eyes almost pop out of the picture. Holding the look together, Sweeney rocks a beautiful gold watch that contrasts with the cherry red dress in a delightful way. You can see the pic in question below. 

When she’s not wowing folks with her magazine and red carpet looks, of which she does a lot, Sydney Sweeney is snatching up television and movie roles left and right. Her big breakout came in the form of playing Euphoria teen, Cassie Howard. The first season of the show saw Cassie as an ensemble character. We learned about her homelife, her romantic relationship, and (of course because it’s Euphoria) her trauma, but we didn’t get a solid storyline dedicated to her. 

By Season 2, production recognized the incredible acting chops that Sydney Sweeney has and gave Cassie a much bigger role. The latest season saw Cassie in a bizarre love triangle with her best friend’s boyfriend and struggling to hold onto her emotional and mental wellbeing. To say Sweeney knocked it out of the park would be an understatement. She absolutely grand slammed the part, bringing out an extreme amount of emotion to a character audiences couldn’t help but feel sorry for. 

After the first season of Euphoria, Sweeney was cast in another HBO massive hit, White Lotus. The anthology series saw Sydney Sweeney featured as a bratty and holier-than-thou college student named Olivia. Olivia and her pal Paula (Brittany O’Grady) caused a lot of laughs on their season with their constant “deep” musings while being terrible people. Most recently, Sweeney was cast to star in her first Marvel film, Madame Web. Casting has been moving pretty quickly on the project, with Dakota Johnson signed on to star as the titular character alongside Sweeney and Emma Roberts. There’s a lot of hush hush surrounding the action flick as it has yet to be revealed as to how closely it will follow the comic books. The original character was an elderly lady, so they’re already veering off course by casting Johnson, but who knows what Marvel has up its sleeves.

Only being in her mid-twenties, Sydney Sweeney has already made an incredible name for herself and continues to keep lining up projects that will only further advance her career. Jumping in with Marvel is a great option for anyone who (depending on who they’re playing), wants to see a continuation with that character. And, because she’s always feeling herself and confident in everything she wears, she’s already a hero to many.