See Sydney Sweeney Blow A Kiss In A Super Tight Mini Dress

A Sydney Sweeney fan Twitter account posts an adorable and sexy video of the star in a tight mini dress.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

sydney sweeney

While we should all be grateful for Sydney Sweeney, today we should also feel gratitude toward her fans. Recently The Best of Sydney Fans Twitter account posted a video of the star that should have just about anyone calling an ambulance to reattach their jaw from where it hit the floor. In a form fitting black mini dress, the Euphoria star shows off her sexy ensemble, kicks a foot back cutely, and blows a kiss to her fans before signing off.

Along with the tight dress; Sydney Sweeney wears a black choker, white ankle socks with frills, and peep-toe heels. She complements the look with black-and-white nail art complete with rhinestones.

For anyone keeping an eye out either for Sydney Sweeney (and who wouldn’t) or on the world of fashion, this likely isn’t the first time they’ve seen the Emmy-nominated actress in this absolutely delicious look. The fan page may have posted the video in December, but in most likelihood it was recorded in September when the actress came out to help promote Tory Burch’s Spring 2023 collection at New York Fashion Week. She was joined showing off the collection with Jenna Coleman, who fans may remember as the gender-bent Johanna Constantine of Netflix’s The Sandman.

Sydney Sweeney is no stranger to eye-popping fashion. Along with showing off new looks for popular fashion designers, Sweeney’s own Instagram page is regularly updated with the star looking gorgeous in incredible outfits. She’ll likely be making even bolder fashion choices on the big screen according to one of the most recent cast reports about her.

In October, it was reported that Sydney Sweeney will be starring in and executive producing a remake of the 1968 sci-fi classic Barbarella. Among other things, the original film is known for lead actress Jane Fonda’s revealing outfits. Considering what we’ve seen of Sweeney not only on social media — but her appearances in projects like Euphoria and The Voyeurs — it’s more than likely the star will be striving to make the original Barbarella look like a PG-13 Pixar flick in comparison.

Barbarella won’t be Sydney Sweeney’s first try at producing. As her star continues to rise, Sweeney has been making more moves to curate her own projects. In 2020, she formed Fifty-Fifty Films, and the same month we learned about Barbarella it was announced she was flexing her producer muscles to re-unite with The Voyeurs director Michael Mohan for the psychological horror Immaculate.

sydney sweeney
Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith in The Voyeurs (2021). The film was directed by Michael Mohan, who will once again direct Sweeney in Immaculate.

Deadline reports that production on Immaculate is scheduled to begin in January. Written by Andrew Lobel (Mysteries Unknown), Immaculate will star Syndey Sweeney as Cecilia, “a woman of devout faith” whose visit to an Italian convent turns dark as she begins to learn some of its disturbing secrets.