See Sydney Sweeney In Fishnets On Top Of A Burning Car

By Britta DeVore | Published

sydney sweeney euphoria

Some people may just want to watch the world burn, but for Sydney Sweeney, she’s going to be the one setting it on fire. In a recent Instagram post, the Euphoria actress shared a series of photos from her session with Vogue Hong Kong, and while each sticks out as a stunning image of the rising star, there’s one in particular in which Sweeney looks absolutely *fire*. The shot in question sees the actress seated on top of a black vehicle while flames plume out from under it. In a look to end all looks, Sweeney is clad in the hipster version of a wedding dress, complete with sheer cuts and fishnet stockings that neatly tuck into a pair of white and black striped tube socks. It’s one of those clothing choices that few people can pull off with most of us just looking absolutely insane, but Sweeney makes it work. 

With bleach blonde hair and eyebrows to match, Sydney Sweeney rocks the rest of the outfits and poses in ways that have each shot outdoing the one before it. To kick things off, she’s seen crouched down in a short neon pink dress with pumps to match – a kind of visual statement not super out of the ordinary for anyone the actress’ age in Hollywood. Other shots include a white sweater with three black stripes running down the arm complete with a red pleather skirt and (of course) tube socks, as well as an outfit switcheroo with a red pleather top, white bottoms, and tube socks. There’s also a workout-centric image that sees the actress hanging off a fence and sticking out her tongue while wearing an Adidas top straight out of the ‘90s. Finally, in a look that contrasts the white dress-car burning piece, Sweeney dons an all-black veil over a black Adidas top – keeping it dramatic, but cool.

It’s been quite the year for Sydney Sweeney. The performer’s career has been on an upward trajectory since she began appearing in the HBO series, Euphoria with this year being her best yet. While her character, Cassie Howard, took a backseat during the show’s premiere season, appearing in more of an “ensemble” role in the production, she would take center stage in Season 2 with a lot of the twisted storylines centered around her. In the time between the show’s first and second installments, Sweeney appeared in another HBO fan-favorite, The White Lotus. As if she wasn’t already a star on the rise, her appearance in the first season of the anthology series bolstered her to even greater heights.

As of recently, it was announced that Sydney Sweeney would be joining Dakota Johnson in Madame Web. The news broke in March that the actress would be making her big Sony comic book adaptation debut, something super exciting for the crossover of Euphoria and Marvel followers who know just how talented Sweeney is. There’s a lot that’s up in the air surrounding the film, including information about who Sweeney will be playing, but one thing we can expect is for the actress to have a lot of on-screen time. From modeling to acting, is there anything Sydney Sweeney can’t do? She made us laugh and cry during the latest season of Euphoria and now she’s serving up look after look in her recent Instagram post. One thing’s for sure – Sweeney’s ready to take on the world.