See Sydney Sweeney In A Low-Cut Dress For A Phone Call

By Phillip Moyer | Published

sydney sweeney

Sydney Sweeney apparently wants you to call her. On Instagram, the Euphoria star posted a photo of herself next to a phone in a beige, low-cut dress. Her message? She said “Happy Holidays”, then added “call me,” listing a toll-free 1-800 number for fans to call.

Of course, the listed phone number, 1-800-485-5399, is clearly not Sydney Sweeney’s personal phone number. Unsurprisingly, it sends you directly to a recorded number. More surprising is the fact that it leads you to a holiday helpline.

Sweeney is taking part in a 2022 holiday promotion for fashion line Tory Burch — something readers would no doubt realize if they read the tag right next to the 1-800 number, which led directly to the Tory Burch Instagram page. The Instagram page features several more photos of Sydney Sweeny, further explaining that she’s featured on the hotline to help share tips and tricks for the upcoming holiday season.

The company’s choice to feature Sydney Sweeney is not surprising, since celebrity endorsements are what made Tory Burch successful in the first place. The fashion label was founded in 2004, but it didn’t come to prominence until a year later Tory Burch first came to prominence after being featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. It has since made a point of partnering with actresses to promote its brand.

In the past few months, the brand’s Instagram page has featured Underground Railroad actress Thuso Mbedu, X-Men: Apocalypse actress Lana Condor, and The White Lotus actress Connie Britton. The tactic appears to be successful, as the mid-luxury fashion company now has items featured in thousands of department stores, along with 300 of its own stores around the world. 

sydney sweeney

Sydney Sweeney, meanwhile, is hard at work on the Spider-Man spinoff filmMadame WebHer actual role in the film has not yet been announced, but we know that Fifty Shades of Gray actress Dakota Johnson will play the titular character, and Parks and Recreation actor Adam Scott will play Ben Parker — Peter Parker’s father who is, in most versions of the Spider-Man mythos, either missing or long dead before Peter gains his superpowers. 

Madame Web, a mutant who can read minds and see the future, is also paralyzed and hooked up to a web-shaped life support system. Before Sydney Sweeney was involved in the upcoming film, the character was featured prominently in several Spider-Man comic book storylines and in some animated adaptations, but has never before been the subject of her own title. The character’s most famous experience is perhaps the 1982 comic storyline Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut, which features a hopelessly-outmatched Spider-Man fruitlessly trying to slow down the unstoppable X-Men villain as he seeks out Madame Web, with the goal of using her powers to defeat the X-Men.

While Sydney Sweeney’s role has not been officially confirmed, rumor has it that she will play Julia Carpenter, a character who became Spider-Woman as a result of a secretive government test. Carpenter later took over the role of Madame Web after the original was killed.