See Sydney Sweeney Looking Dramatic In A Crop Top For Miu Miu

Check out the latest Sydney Sweeney post that has her posing in a Miu Miu crop top that leaves little to the imagination

By David Harrison | Published

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is having a heck of a year, to say the least. She rightfully broke into tears recently when it was announced she had received not one, but two Outstanding Supporting Actress nominations all for work on HBO. And it isn’t just on the small screen where the star is crushing it. Far from it. She has been making considerable waves on social media, Instagram specifically, with a healthy mix of fashion shots going up that have garnered considerable buzz. Another just went up onto the platform and fans are definitely going to want to take notice of this one.

The Sydney Sweeney Instagram post was a collaboration with the Miu Miu fashion line and this isn’t her first trip down this particular block. The actress and model has had a number of crossover posts with the brand of late leaning into a trendy, though timeless style that plays perfectly Sydney Sweeney. It’s easy to see why these posts have gotten so much traction and there are likely more to come. In this one, she’s wearing a mostly see-through cross pattern skirt and top that have a retro feel. This is all in preparation for Sydney Sweeney promoting Fashion Week 2022. You can see the Instagram post below:

After only a few hours up on Instagram, the Sydney Sweeney post had gone practically viral with all kinds of fans weighing in about the actress and the look. At the time of this writing, the post had more than 320K likes with celebrities like Maude Apatow and Molly Dickson ringing in with considerable approval for the look. And, as we said, this isn’t the first time on Instagram with a fashion post like this one. She and Miu Miu teamed up for another look at their fashion line with Sweeney posing in a black coat for the outfit. That one drew considerable attention as well. 

As for the acting side of things, well, like we said Sydney Sweeney is having a year that ranks right up there with the best of them. Recently she got emotional during a car ride when she was called and informed that she had been nominated not once, but twice at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards which will go down in September. The first was for her Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Cassie Howard in Euphoria. And the second was for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for Olivia Mossbacher in The White Lotus. Both were commanding performances for the actress and it’s easy to see why she landed on these lists.

Next up will be in the Sony Spider-Man Universe when she stars in Madame Web. That movie is filming and the release date has been pushed back some. But it will be a new addition to this universe of characters and could be a very different kind of film considering the source material. Plus, there is National Anthem which will have her starring in a thriller alongside Paul Walter Hauser, Halsey, and Eric Dane.