Sydney Sweeney Under Fire For Controversial Clothing At Birthday Party

Sydney Sweeney has recently come under some fire for clothing that was worn at a birthday party she attended.

By David Harrison | Published

See Sydney Sweeney Busting Out Of A Bright Yellow Suit

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Sydney Sweeney has had a heck of a year on the small screen and could be walking to the awards podium for a couple of her roles before it’s all said and done. And she’s also made quite the splash on social media with her Instagram account garnering a huge following and tons of engagement. But a recent post of hers has gotten some attention though in some circles it’s not for the best reason. While fans took notice of the outfits and style choices Sydney Sweeney made in a series of pictures on the platform, there were some who noticed the pictures she decided to leave out of the group and what her family members were wearing when not featured on her IG roll. Check out the Sydney Sweeney shots on Instagram.

In the Instagram post by Sydney Sweeney, there were six photos and a couple of videos, all of a birthday celebration for the actress’s mother. The whole thing had a decidedly western theme to it with a riding bull, cowboy hats, and outfits, the whole nine yards. Where the controversy came in was with the pictures Sweeney apparently decided to make sure didn’t land on her feed, possibly for fear of political blowback for the actress. Twitter user @vesperview (via Paper Mag) found pictures of the same party from Sydney Sweeney’s brother and there were additional shots included. Check them out:

The reference here is to MAGA-themed hats which are often worn by political proponents and voters for Donald Trump. None of Sydney Sweeney’s pictures or videos included partygoers wearing these hats and none of the videos included them either. Whether this was coincidence or by design isn’t known at this point, but seeing as how her brother’s post had them, and seeing as how Hollywood circles haven’t taken kindly to the former President, it stands to reason they were left out on purpose.

It should be noted that the hats in question have the logo “Make Sixty Great Again”, a reference to the age of Sydney Sweeney’s mother at the birthday party. Though the theme alone was part of the “controversy” seeing as how they clearly have an association with Trump.

Sydney Sweeney did respond on Twitter to the backlash over the post. She made note that her intent around the pictures was to just highlight a birthday party for her mother and the media was turning it into a political issue. It doesn’t appear she’s going to walk anything back, nor should she really. Check it out:

As of this writing, the original Sydney Sweeney post had more than 2.4 million likes on the platform with fans happy to ring in with plenty of support for the birthday theme and the actress’s choice of outfits. Whether this latest issue has any real traction remains to be seen. Sweeney is up for two Emmy Awards this year, both in Supporting Actress categories for her parts in White Lotus and Euphoria.