See Sydney Sweeney Busting Out Of A Gorgeous Red Dress

Sydney Sweeney might have accidentally become a controversial figure, but no one can argue this dress doesn't look great.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

sydney sweeney euphoria

Sydney Sweeney is one of the brightest rising stars in Hollywood, without a doubt. It turns out that the financial pressures of Los Angeles are just as hard on the stars of hit HBO shows as anybody else, and so Sydney Sweeney has had to take a second job: being one of the most glamorous people on the planet. The actress has recently been noted for the number of advertisements she featured in and celebrity endorsements she has made, which is a pretty good side gig to acting. It also means that quite a few stunning images trickle down to her very popular social media presence, like this image of her in a form-fitting red dress. You can see for yourself:

The official Instagram account of Sydney Sweeney currently has a little over 14 million followers, all of whom get to see the Euphoria star in this incredible red Armani gown. In the first image, Sydney Sweeney is shot from beneath, gazing to her left as a warm light frames her wavy blonde hair. The deep low cut of the red dress dips even tantalizingly further from this angle, and we shall leave it at saying this is an incredible look. According to the tags in Sydney Sweeney’s picture, the photography is courtesy of Greg Williams, who really seems to know his stuff. She was styled by Molly Dickson, with her hair done by Glen Coco, makeup by Melissa Hernandez, and nails by Zola Ganzorigt. Well done, team. 

The second image of Sydney Sweeney in this set sees the actress dramatically posing on a shadowed stone staircase, fittingly standing on a red carpet. From this angle, one can really see how the Armani dress frames her figure while pushing out around her waist in a stylish bustle. Suffice it to say, Sydney Sweeney makes pretty much anything look good, but this dress could help anyone.

While Sydney Sweeney is still best known for her fashion sense and her starring role as Cassie Howard on HBO’s Euphoria, she has been in the news in a few more controversial senses recently. A recent interview in which she was perceived as making tone-deaf statements by complaining that she did not have the ability to take six-month vacations at will because of financial commitments and liabilities did not make her look particularly good. Nor did other previous statements in which the 24-year-old actress lamented that she felt she did not get sufficient critical acclaim because of her willingness to perform nude scenes. 

Most dramatically of all, Sydney Sweeney unexpectedly became a player in the political culture wars, when photos of her mother’s 60th birthday party revealed MAGA-themed hats and an individual wearing a Blue Lives Matter shirt. Sydney Sweeney reacted by asking her fans and the public at large to not politicize her mother’s celebration because of its use of controversial political elements. At the moment, it appears the Sydney Sweeney fandom is at war with itself and trying to decide what exactly to be feeling. We would recommend checking out the Armani.

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