Sydney Sweeney Is Alluring In Sultry Black & White Photos

Sydney Sweeney posts a carousel of black and white photos from her hotel near the Cannes Film Festival.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

sydney sweeney

It looks like Sydney Sweeney decided to slip into something comfortable for her appearance at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. Colored photos from Cannes surfaced on the internet showing her wearing a white silk slip-dress over a powder-blue silk bra, but her personal Instagram page gives us a more intimate look at the White Lotus star as she’s getting ready for the night in her hotel room.

The black and white photos are reminiscent of a boudoir shoot, showing Sweeney in black and white before her big night out in Cannes, France.

While Sydney Sweeney’s fiancé Jonathan Davino kept things simple with a beige sweater and black pants with matching shoes, Sweeney herself looks like she just rolled out of bed as she embraces the exposed-bra trend that is so popular these days. But to say she just rolled out of bed would be misleading because she looks so well put together that clearly some preparation went into this stunning outfit.

The final photo on her Instagram post shows the 25-year-old star carefully inspecting her makeup in the mirror and gives us a closer look at her stay at the Hotel Martinez before she’s surrounded by hundreds of reporters at the legendary Cannes Film Festival.

These photos of Sydney Sweeney are evidence that lingerie can be worn tastefully in any setting, and her fans are absolutely here for it. The black and white photos on her Instagram page racked up an insane 1,274,522 likes in just 21 hours, and the comment section is full of compliments saying how beautiful she looks. One fan went so far as to say that she’s way too pretty for her stylist to be giving her such “average” outfits.

But if we had to weigh in, there is nothing average about Sydney Sweeney’s iconic look. Sometimes a simple wardrobe choice is all one needs to stop the show. Even though the pictures are in black and white, they have surely brightened up our day.

At this point in time, it’s safe to say that Sydney Sweeney knows how to throw together an outfit that will turn heads and drop jaws on the red carpet, the silver screen, and in this case her personal life. Her fierce sense of fashion can be seen in her portrayal of Cassandra “Cassie” Howard in HBO’s Euphoria, which will start shooting season 3 later this year.

sydney sweeney

If you’re looking to catch up on Euphoria, now would be the perfect time. The drama series currently boasts an 88 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sydney Sweeney isn’t just about lingerie and high fashion, and we’ll see her rocking some Marvel garb in the near future. That is to say, 2024 will show us Sweeney starring in the upcoming Madame Web film with her portrayal of Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman. We recently used the power of AI to mock up a stunning photo of what her Spider-Woman appearance could look like on our own Instagram page, but the actual costume has yet to be revealed in an official capacity at the time of this article.

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