See Sydney Sweeney In A Barely There White Bikini

By James Brizuela | Published

Sydney Sweeney

Everyone was busy posting their celebratory parties, fireworks, and their outfits for the 4th of July yesterday. That is certainly the case for Sydney Sweeney, who showcased her barely-there bikini while on the beach during yesterday’s festivities. She received some model shots while the sun had set in the background, making this photoshoot seem quite professional. Sweeney is another of the stars that could easily leave the movie star life behind and instantly walk the runway, as she looks incredible. You can see the collection of photos below:

Besides the fact that Sydney Sweeney looks amazing in her bikini, she has garnered a massive amount of attention for her photo shoot on the beach. The collection has amassed over 3.5 million likes in less than a 24-hour period. What is more interesting is what exists in the comments. The social media page for Star Wars commented on the collection, stating they liked her previous caption. The collection had been edited with just a firecracker emoji, but we are curious as to what caption led to Star Wars commenting on her page. The replies to the Star Wars comment also began to gather steam, with one asking if the actress is going to be cast in the ever-popular franchise. That is a good question.

For now, Sydney Sweeney has been thrust into the middle of the Sony Marvel universe. She has been cast in Madame Web, though no one is quite sure who she is playing in the film. Most people think she might appear as Spider-Gwen or possibly Black Cat. Either of those roles would be amazing for Sweeney to step into. She is also going to be in a film called National Anthem, where she tales on the role of Penny Jo Poplin. The film sounds like it might be a thriller, as the synopsis speaks of a small town that gets roped into the black market.

Going back to the idea that the Star Wars account might be following Syndey Sweeney for the specific reason that she has been cast in a future project would be quite interesting. Sweeney is one of the biggest actresses currently, as she has seen massive success on Euphoria. That led her to be added to the Spider-Man universe. It would make a great deal of sense for her to be added to the myriad of shows or movies that are being worked on for the Star Wars universe. She would be fantastic as a Jedi. We could even see her being a Twi’lek.

Sydney Sweeney has shown that she can be one of the best actresses in the world, and she continually updates her fans about outfits she wears on the beaches or while on the red carpet of swanky events. She is always elegant and sexy all at once. We would love to see the woman end up in the Star Wars universe, which would make a ton of sense considering her current trajectory.