Steve Harvey Being Cancelled For Remarks About Women

Folks are trying to get Steve Harvey canceled after an interviewer he gave started making its rounds on TikTok. It isn't a good look

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Cancel culture is a cruel mistress and it looks like it might have gotten its grips on another celebrity. Steve Harvey is trending right now because of an interview he gave discussing the idea of men and women being friends with each other on a platonic level. To put it frankly, it didn’t go all that well. And now the internet mob has come out saying they want Harvey to pay the price by being canceled. We’ll see if this enough to get the *job* done. 

The interview with Steve Harvey is from all the way back in 2010 and was shared on TikTok recently. In it, he’s discussing the idea of men and women being friends with each other. He says that he doesn’t have any female friends. When asked to clarify why Harvey had something of a difficult time elucidating the reasoning in a way that didn’t make him sound like he thought about females in a certain and very specific way. Here’s here this interview that was drummed back up and what Harvey had to say:

After Steve Harvey says that he doesn’t have female friends, because he has a wife, the off-camera interviewer asks him to explain. This is probably where Harvey should have just moved on, but he decides to go into a little more detail, with the interviewer as the example, about why this simply isn’t possible. He admits she is attractive and then explains that any time a man was friends with her was likely just to build trust so to the point where there’d be a “chink in the armor” and the man would then “slide in that crack the moment he gets the opportunity because we’re guys.”  Man, well. There it is folks. 

Steve Harvey then closes out this “philosophical” thought process about different genders and the inability for men to make friends with women by telling the interviewer that “99.9% of us (men) think that way.” Period. End. Stop. The egregious math aside, it’s pretty easy to see why Harvey is being dragged for these comments even though they went down more than a decade ago. This is just the kind of fodder internet warriors grab on to and use as weapons later on. For that reason, he might have chosen his example a little more carefully.

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Now, should something a celebrity said 11 years ago be the catalyst to have him canceled in the present day? Probably not, though Steve Harvey is likely going to find out if it’s the case. A number of folks took to Twitter to pile on the comedian and actor about the comments, saying that these words were tantamount to an admission of only seeing women as sexual objects and nothing more. Whether he meant it this way or was simply caught off guard by the question isn’t clear, but it isn’t a good look. 

Steve Harvey is still the host of Family Feud and has been since 2010, around the time of this interview. This was long before cancel culture existed though so it didn’t make the rounds then. It is now and we will see if it causes Harvey to actually be canceled by his current gig. My guess is no, but these are the times we live in.