Stephen King Calls For Biden To Step Away From Presidential Election

By Em Helena | Published

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With only a handful of months to go before voters hit the polls for the 2024 election, many public figures have begun vocalizing their opinions on the current presidential candidates. Stephen King, the beloved American horror/thriller author, has taken to the social media app X, formerly Twitter, to platform his voice on President Joe Biden. With one tweet, King made it clear where he stands.

Stephen King Goes Public

With over 4 million views accrued in less than 12 hours, the famous author has stirred up quite the conversation surrounding his statement. Without giving a moment for the audience to speculate if Stephen King’s diss of Joe Biden was in support of Donald Trump, the other presidential nominee, King updated his timeline by posting, “Trump’s pal Putin bombed a children’s hospital in Ukraine today. 37 killed.”

Never One To Hide His Personal Beliefs

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While many are surprised by Stephen King’s critiques of President Biden and general outspokenness about politics, it does not come as much of a shock to fans of his works. If you visit his website, one of the first FAQs he has responded to concerns his political affiliation, which is Democrat. Stephen King has no intention of hiding his beliefs.

Politics Throughout King’s Work

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These commentaries can be found throughout his works as well; most notable is in his book The Dead Zone. Published in 1979, this science fiction thriller follows the story of Johnny Smith, who wakes up out of a five-year coma with the power of clairvoyance. It isn’t until he shakes the hand of aspiring politician Greg Stillson that he sees what danger lies in store for society and sets out to put a stop to it.

The Dead Zone was one of King’s first top ten best sellers and was dedicated to his son Owen. While not explicitly advertised as a political commentary, Stephen King’s novel, like his Biden post, has resonated with audiences far and wide. Even presently, readers find familiarity with the character Greg Stillson and his personification as a charismatic yet dangerously corrupt politician character.

King’s Feelings On Both Candidates

As for more recent releases, Billy Summers, the crime novel published on August 3, 2021, contains direct critiques toward former president Donald Trump. The reception was mixed, many found it compelling but many thought it included too much reality. However, no matter if you liked it or didn’t, for this novel, no reading between the lines was needed to decode Stephen King’s held beliefs and how, though critical of Biden, he’s clear about his stance on Trump. 

Nothing New Yet, But The Election Is Heating Up

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While it is impressive for a man of 76 to be so active on social media, it is no rare feat for King to be loud and proud. Whether through 500-page novels or in a textbook meant for 250 characters or less, King will make himself heard.

As of now, there has been no further elaboration from Stephen King about today’s posts about President Biden, and it is unlikely there will be any further. If you are looking to read up on more political takes by Stephen King, make sure to follow his account on X and stay tuned for updates as election season pushes forward.