Stephen Amell Tells Fans To “F– Off” With Using Particular Arrow Image

Stephen Amell is yelling at his fans.

By Annie Banks | Published

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Memes have become the center of a cultural phenomenon that has captured the internet and can be applied to just about any situation when the right meme is used. They’ve taken hold of social media platforms in abundance and have been altered through the ages. If one is lucky enough, their meme becomes famous through virality. These lighthearted images can be hit-or-miss on a person-by-person basis, through former Arrow star Stephen Amell has choice words for those who are still using a specific meme.

Arrow might be off the air as The CW released its last season in 2020, but a particular image-turned-meme is still widely shared through cyberspace. The image is known as the “Arrow Tombstone Meme.” It is based around a photograph snapped on the set of The Flash headliner. It shows Grant Gustin posing next to Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen’s grave. Once shared online, the photo fast became a popular format for memes. Stephen Amell, who played Queen for eight seasons, isn’t too amused by the jokes at hand.

The actor asks those who still use the meme format to “kindly f–k off” after the repurposed photo poked fun at the global outages of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. While the playfulness of the photo may have come across as funny to social media users, Stephen Amell isn’t laughing. The colorful language is enough to convey his evident distaste of the meme, though he declined to offer insight as to why he has such a strong feeling of hatred towards it. Suppose it could take away from the emotional impact that is associated with the death of Queen on the show, which Stephen Amell still remains emotional over, so much so that he got an Arrow tattoo to commemorate his time on the series.

Though the meme has been in circulation for quite some time, it’s interesting that Stephen Amell chose this specific variant to finally voice his true feeling about the “Arrow Tombstone Meme,” as it wasn’t a recently-generated meme for the occasion. The intention behind this individual use of the meme is fairly harmless, as it “celebrates” Twitter championing the outage of other platforms that suffered during the social media blackout. Stephen Amell has been in the public eye prior to his response to the meme after an incident resulted in the actor being dismissed from a Delta Airlines aircraft.

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What once was an alleged story printed by Page Six became a further confirmed occurrence after Stephen Amell admitted that a confrontation between him and his wife had caused a disturbance on the plane. The actor was not forcibly removed from the plane but was ushered out by three flight attendants after being asked to lower his voice multiple times. Page Six reports that wife Cassandra Jean Amell and other passengers remained on the flight while her husband was escorted out. He then found a supplementary flight from Austin, TX, to Los Angeles, Calif., without any further trouble.

Since the Delta Airlines display, Stephen Amell has clarified what he claims happened. He says that he had been overserved and that he had drunk too much while in a public place. He went on to apologize for his behavior and had admitted his fault. Though he apologized then, his harsh language towards those who use the Arrow meme still remains to be biting and his attitude towards it unbudging.