Stacey Dash: Accused Of Using Hypnosis To Make A Man Marry Her

By Rick Gonzales | 1 year ago

Stacey Dash

At this point, it is pretty obvious that the fourth time is not the charm. Such is the case for Clueless actress Stacey Dash, whose tumultuous fourth marriage has found a strange ending. She’s being accused of using hypnosis to force her soon to be ex-husband to marry her.



Now 50-years-old, Stacey Dash’s revolving marriage life has hit four. This marriage happened after only ten days of meeting. She married lawyer Jeffrey Marty in April of 2018, which also included adding his three children to the family. But like her previous three marriages, this one would not last either.

According to Marty, Dash used some type of hypnosis on him to get him to marry her in the first place. Apparently Stacey Dash actually is a trained hypnotist. While the effects of hypnosis have been documented and confirmed by science, most hypnotists will tell you it’s very difficult, and nearly impossible, to hypnotize someone into doing something they don’t want to do. That isn’t stopping Stacey Dash’s husband from making the accusation.

Marty’s lawyer is seeking an annulment of the marriage, stating in court documents that the pair married after ten days because Dash’s pastor told Marty “unexpectedly and suddenly proclaimed that it was God’s will” to marry Dash and that his ability to say yes to the marriage was influenced by “hypnotic prayer techniques.”

Marty has not gone into any further detail as to what those hypnotic prayer techniques entailed. Dash responded, via PEOPLE, to these allegations through her publicist, Claudia Greene, stating “In our country, people are free to say whatever they want regardless if their statement is baseless. That’s what makes America so great.” 

Stacey Dash

Stacey also filed a legal response in saying that she was unaware of her estranged husband’s mental state at the time of her marriage. With the line made famous by the film War Games “Sometimes the only way to win is not to play.” Stacey hopes her case will be finalized soon.”

Stacey Dash filed for divorce earlier this year. But in what seems to be a recurring theme, physical violence was part of this marriage too. Dash was arrested in September of 2019 for what she claimed as being put in a chokehold by Marty. When the police arrived, though, it was he who had the cuts on his arm, there was no evidence visible on Dash, so she was arrested. In a fun little twist, it was Marty who bailed her out. But the twists didn’t stop there.

Dash posted on her Instagram about the breakup of her marriage. Her post read, “My husband and I have made the hard decision of ending our marriage. After much prayer, I feel this is the right path for both of us. I wish him nothing but the best. Thank you everyone for your support and respecting our privacy during this difficult time.” Seems amicable enough, right?

Dash is not contesting Marty’s request for a speedy annulment, but perhaps marriage is no longer in the best interest for her. She continues to get a great amount of work in Hollywood, maybe that is where her hypnotic charms should remain focused.


Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash was 15 when she got her first role on TV, though her career didn’t take off as fast as she may have wanted. Dash was seen in a few feature films (Enemy Territory, Tennessee Waltz, Mo’ Money, and Renaissance Man) as well as a few TV series (The Cosby Show, St. Elsewhere, TV 101, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) but it wasn’t until 1995s Clueless that Dash started to become recognizable.

Stacey Dash appeared as Dionne Marie Davenport in the hit movie, Clueless. She played Cher’s (Alicia Silverstone) best friend, a snobby, wealthy and beautiful high school student who maintains a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, the popular Murray (Donald Faison). Dash could have used some of this in her personal life, no doubt. But the movie spawned a TV series, that saw Dash and Faison return to their popular roles. The series lasted three seasons and while her professional career was finally beginning to Dash along, her personal life was finding a few bumps in the road. Also known as marriage.



Stacey Dash’s first marriage was to producer Brian Lovell. They tied the knot in 1999 and hung in there until 2005 when the couple divorced. Prior to her first marriage, Dash gave birth to her first child, a son, in 1991 from a relationship she had with singer Christopher Williams. Dash had a second child, a girl, with Lovell.

Dash’s second marriage came shortly after her divorce when she married British executive and CEO of Sports Logistics James Maby. This one a short-term marriage, lasting a year. Thankfully, no children were conceived from this marriage.

Her third marriage, this one to actor Emmanuel Xuereb, lasted nearly three years but, as Dash claims, there were many instances of physical abuse. Dash even had to take out a restraining order (obtained through TMZ) on Xuereb, in which it stated he hit Dash in the face, head, and body but Dash had been too afraid to report him to the police. The order also claimed that one night during a drunken rage, Xuereb pinned Dash to the bed, telling her that it would be the worst night of her life. Ah, life in Hollywood. The couple divorced in 2011 with no mention of hypnotist tricks.