Sofia Vergara Stuns In A Form-Fitting Dress In Latest Post

By Shawn Paul Wood | 2 months ago

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Few word tandems can get most guys worked up into a lather like “Free Pizza,” “Superhero Movie,” “Swipe Right,” and “Sofia Vergara.” The latter of the four usually is written about much more than the other three, so let’s focus there. The 49-year-old Colombian actress, model, and activist took to Instagram to feature some fashion, continuing her partnership with Foster Grant.

Most Sofia Vergara fans and viewers of that Instagram photo, which is almost 54,000 likes strong, see a lovely, well-dimensioned Egyptian blue dress and a pair of Foster Grant Fabiola sunglasses while basking in the radiance of the sun in front of a mature herbarium blowing in the wind. For the other fans of hers, they’re like, “What dress?” Whatever the case, Vergara typically creates quite the buzz on social media when she posts beautiful pictures like that. The same can be said for some affordable but fashionable sunglasses for this modeling shot. C’mon! It’s not even fair. She is almost half a century old and can still pull off wearing a fancy tube sock. Unbelievable.

In May 2020, FGX International (parent company) announced the line of Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant readers, sunglasses, and SunReaders®. Like many notable before her, the partnership allows fans to appreciate someone they admire while buying something that person wears—in this case, designer eyewear. On the press release, Vergara shared, “I have loved creating my eyewear collection with Foster Grant. Not only does the brand have such a rich heritage and solid commitment to giving back to those in need, but they were fun to work with while bringing my ideas to life.” The collection is currently sold on the Foster Grant website and at

Sofia Vergara is an active philanthropist and activist for those who don’t know. That’s why the partnership with Foster Grant has a corporate social responsibility component she cares about deeply. The campaign is called “Specs for Specs,” a charity initiative where Foster Grant donates one pair of reading glasses to RestoringVision for every pair of Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant eyewear sold. If you dig into the website dedicated to the campaign, you will find some startling factoids about problems affecting individuals’ vision around the world. Perhaps one that isn’t surprising as much upsetting is approximate “one billion people need only reading glasses to correct their vision, yet of those, more than 500 million live in impoverished communities with limited access to reading glasses.”

Personal health is a cause that Sofia Vergara has had to pay closer attention to than usual in her own life. A month ago, she made social media trends for another, more somber reason when she shared a lengthy battle she had experienced with a thyroid cancer diagnosis. As GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT reported on that Instagram post, a routine health checkup showed a lump in her throat when she was 28 years old. That discovery became a cancer diagnosis in 2000.

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Following many hours of radiation and years of learning to care for this issue, the Modern Family actress and America’s Got Talent judge wanted to celebrate that she was a cancer survivor. Good for her! Aside from being triumphant over cancer and inspiring millions of fans worldwide, Sofia Vergara is working on a complete physical transformation in a Netflix series about Griselda Blanco. She was known as “La Madrina” and “The Godmother of Cocaine” during her association with the notorious Medellin Cartel in Colombia from the 1980s and well into the early 2000s. And if you saw what she looks like in that series rumored to broadcast Fall 2022, you may be inclined to purchase Vergara some of her own sunglasses to protect her from any reflections. Scary.