See Sofia Vergara In A Low Cut Gown And Choker

Sofia Vergara is looking absolutely fantastic in a gown and jeweled choker in this photo from her current hosting gig.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara has been a host of the NBC reality competition show America’s Got Talent since 2020, which has been helpful in making sure we have a plentiful stream of the vivacious Colombian actress beamed into our homes. Of course, we can never really get enough of Sofia Vergara, so it is helpful that she has an incredibly popular and active social media presence. She just recently posted a photo of herself on the set of America’s Got Talent that certainly shows us she knows how to make the best use of her talents. Check it out:

This particular picture comes courtesy of the official Instagram account of Sofia Vergara, which is currently sitting pretty at 26.5 million followers. The image shows Sofia Vergara leaning into the camera with a slight smile on her face and wearing a very low-cut gown (as the actress is often liable to do). She is wearing an impressive choker-style necklace with a dark red stone in the center; she has tagged David Webb Jewelry in the photo, so it can be surmised who provided it. Sofia Vergara’s long dark blonde hair is brushed back over one shoulder and falls in front of another. She is wearing a pair of chunky black and white earrings but unfortunately did not tag whoever provided those particular items. Still, we can certainly appreciate what she is doing without knowing about the earrings.

Sofia Vergara is most famous for her starring role in the long-running ABC sitcom Modern Family. She was nominated for an Emmy numerous times for her portrayal of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, as well as a number of Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actor Guild Awards. During the run of Modern Family, Sofia Vergara was at one point the highest-paid woman on television, earning $43 million in one year alone. While she starred in the sitcom, she also appeared in a number of films, including the action comedy Hot Pursuit alongside Reese Witherspoon and the Robert Rodriguez-directed Danny Trejo exploitation movie Machete Kills.

With her current gig as a judge on America’s Got Talent, Sofia Vergara stars alongside former NFL player and comic actor Terry Crews, comedian and professional host Howie Mandel, famed supermodel Heidi Klum, and longtime representative of English culture Simon Cowell. The show is part of Simon Cowell’s global series of Got Talent shows, which originated in the United Kingdom. The American version of the show has had two spin-offs to date, America’s Got Talent: The Champions and AGT: Extreme.

In addition to her talent show job, Sofia Vergara will soon be starring in a Netflix streaming miniseries, Griselda. She will portray the notorious drug trafficker Griselda Blanco, who ran the feared Medellín Cartel and was one of the most instrumental and powerful figures in the cocaine underworld of the 1980s and 1990s. The series will follow Sofia Vergara as she climbs the chain of power within the cartel, becoming infamous for her ruthlessness and violence, even in the drug trade. Griselda began filming in January and will likely premiere sometime in 2023.