Smallville Actor Trying To Stay Out Of Jail

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

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The leader and founder of the NXIVM cult, Keith Raniere, was sentenced to 120 years in prison. Now, the courts are moving on to sentencing the other leaders of the sex cult. One such leader, Allison Mack, has pled guilty to racketeering charges, but the Smallville actress and her lawyers are requesting that the actress not be sentenced to any time in prison for her crimes.

The Smallville actress and her lawyers have sent a letter from Allison Mack to the court, along with her lawyer’s sentencing guidelines, requesting that she receive a sentencing with no time in prison. Part of the letter read, “I threw myself into the teachings of Keith Raniere with everything I had. I believed, whole-heartedly, that his mentorship was leading me to a better, more enlightened version of myself. I devoted my loyalty, my resources, and, ultimately, my life to him. This was the biggest mistake and regret of my life.”

Many aren’t sure how to view Allison Mack. She was high up in the cult, an organization involved in sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy, all charges that Mack has been facing since she was arrested in Brooklyn in 2018. However, was the Smallville actress brainwashed? Some in the public aren’t sure how much responsibility belongs to Allison Mack for her actions versus the founder of the cult, who has not apologized for his actions, but has apologized for the pain people are feeling about them. While many details about her actions have come out, it’s hard to view the case from the outside. No one can know what was happening in Allison Mack’s head. It’s just too hard to imagine being a part of something as terrible as a cult where a man branded his initials on women he groomed as slaves.

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Allison Mack was said to be partly responsible for luring future members into the so-called “women’s empowerment group”, where the women were then groomed and branded. It’s hard to imagine how someone gets there. Not many want to even try, as it’s just too foreign and too dark. But somehow, cults get started, and they drive people to extreme behavior. And now, the court has to decide how to handle the Smallville actress and her crimes.

One reason that Allison Mack is requesting leniency from the court is that she proved valuable in the case against the cult’s founder, Keith Raniere. While she didn’t testify against him, she did provide an audio recording that reveals the cult’s founder discussing branding his initials into the women lured into the group. This recording was played multiple times during his trial. It proved valuable. In the end, Raniere was found guilty by the court on many different charges, including sex trafficking conspiracy.

Allison Mack wasn’t the only actress from Smallville to join the NXIVM cult. Kristin Kreuk was also briefly associated with the group, however the actress was reportedly not a high-ranking and isn’t facing charges. Meanwhile, Allison Mack will be sentenced on June 30, 2021.