See Sydney Sweeney Look Stunning In A Low Cut Red Top

By Dan Lawrence | Published

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney, the actress best known for her incredible performance as Cassie in HBO’s Euphoria, has heads turning again with her latest jaw-dropping fashion shoot. The breakout actress shared via her Instagram account a stunning snap of herself decked out in a low-cut red top. The photo is a part of Sweeney’s new role, that of Vogue Hong Kong’s July magazine cover star.

The Instagram post, which you can see below, features Sydney Sweeney on the cover of Vogue Hong Kong’s July issue, wearing an outfit that is the product of a Gucci/Addidas collaboration. In the post’s caption, Sweeney is thankful to those who helped bring the amazing cover photo to life. Thanking not only Vogue Hong Kong but photographer Petra Collins, along with fashion stylist Dena Neustadter Giannini, make-up artist Melissa Hernandez, hairstylist Rob Talty, nail artist Zola Ganzorigt and set designer Nichols Des Jardins. Along with this talented bunch of creatives who helped bring Sydney Sweeney’s image to life, the actress is also quick to thank Casting agent Jill Demling, who put the editorial shoot together for Sweeney.

The post on Instagram has over 1.4 million likes, which is hardly surprising given the talented individuals involved in producing the shoot and the amazing muse at its center, as well as Sydney Sweeney’s 13.4 million-strong following on the social media platform. Casting agent Jill Demling had this to say about the iconic cover image shoot: “As Sydney knows I am obsessed with her. This is my 3rd time casting her for an editorial-Can’t get enough of this cool chic!” High praise, which is well earned as Sydney Sweeney has a proven track record for posing in stunning outfits, a talent which Vogue Hong Kong writes is one of many. According to Carina Fischer’s article, Sweeney is not only of course an actor, but a producer, entrepreneur, martial artist, and car mechanic. Quite the impressive CV.

Of course, the high water mark of Sydney Sweeney’s career so far is her role as Cassie in Euphoria. The high-school, hard-hitting drama about drugs, abuse, sex, and relationships (with plotlines often having all of these things intertwining) often has Sydney Sweeney at the center of sex scenes within the show and her nude scenes are the subject of talk and debate. However, Sweeney has proven her professional maturity regarding these scenes, telling Yahoo that “I make every decision,” when it comes to being nude on set. As well as this, Sweeney has previously been alleged to have told the production team on Euphoria to cut back on nude scenes, to which they responded positively. Given the sensitivity with which these types of scenes need to be treated, it is good to see that not only is Sydney Sweeney in control of her own destiny in this regard, but she has a team around her that is willing to listen, take action and make her feel safe on set.

The end result of Sydney Sweeney and the Euphoria production team’s handling of Cassie’s character has been a profound success. Off the back of her performance in the HBO mega-hit, Sweeney has since landed roles in the likes of Sony’s upcoming Madame Web movie, as well as the lead role in a new government drama from director Tina Satter. It is clear then that this cover star is well and truly set to shine for years to come.