See Sydney Sweeney In An Open Jacket With Nothing Underneath

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

sydney sweeney

Rising Hollywood star Sydney Sweeney has been smoldering on both the small screen, as Cassie in Euphoria, and the big screen, in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, now enjoy these throwback photos that might melt a modem. The blonde starlet is no stranger to photoshoots, with the one today coming from Josh Ryan, noted for being Playboy’s senior photographer for a decade, from 2006 to 2016, overseeing the men’s magazine transformation to be more fashion-forward. Sweeney’s also entered the world of fashion lately, becoming the face of Guess Original’s Anna Nicole Smith Collection and the first American partner of Laniege, a skin-care line from Europe.

Josh Ryan’s photoshoot with Sydney Sweeney, shared by a fan account on Instagram, looks like a throwback to classic fashion campaigns, with the use of black and white to create a timeless look along with copious amounts of denim. For a few of the shots, Sweeney is only wearing a dark denim jacket, posing behind the wheel of a classic car and looking like a young Cindy Crawford. While the HBO star looks amazing on camera, the past two years have seen her breaking out, getting recognition for her acting across multiple series and accumulating her first major awards of what is a promising career.

Sydney Sweeney started out in small guest roles in shows like Heroes, Criminal Minds, and Grey’s Anatomy before joining The Handmaid’s Tale in 2018. From that recurring role, the up and coming star landed on Euphoria as Cassie Howard, a role that earned the actress multiple nominations as Best Support Actress. Standing out in an ensemble that includes Zendaya, Maude Apatow, Eric Dane, and Hunter Schafer is impressive, which speaks highly of Sweeney’s work.

Euphoria isn’t the only recent hit to employ Sydney Sweeney, as the star was a big part of another hit HBO ensemble in The White Lotus season 1. Playing the drug-using daughter of Connie Britton’s Nicole and Steve Zahn’s Mark, Sweeney’s Olivia is a caricature of the spoiled rich girl archetype, even if she doesn’t admit it to herself. Again, the role earned the actress a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress, this time it was for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie.

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney as Cassie on Euphoria

In a change of pace for Sydney Sweeney, her next major role is a feature film, Reality, adapted from Tina Satter’s play Is This A Room which was based off of the 2017 FBI interrogation of Reality Winner, an NSA whistleblower. Sweeney will play Winner in the small-scale production, which was filmed entirely over the course of just 16 days this past May. Though the indie film is coming first, it’s not the actress’ largest upcoming role, that would be her part in Sony’s latest Spider-Man adajacent film, Madame Web.

Starring Dakota Johnson as the titular clairvoyant, Madame Web includes, in addition to Sydney Sweeney, Emma Roberts, Mike Epps, Adam Scott, Celeste O’Conner, and Isabela Merced. None of the roles have been announced, so for now, we don’t know who Sweeney is playing, but given the subject of the film and her official listing as co-headliner, it will be someone important. We’ll know for sure long before the February 16th, 2024 release.