See Sharon Stone Rock A Golden Corset At 64

Sharon Stone stunned in a gold dress for Sam Smith's performance on Saturday Night Live.

By Zack Zagranis | Published

sharon stone

Sharon Stone posted an eyepopping picture of herself on Instagram in the gold dress she wore during her surprise appearance on Saturday’s episode of SNL. The Basic Instinct star was a welcome addition to the most recent episode of the long-running sketch show, where she turned heads with her choice of wardrobe. The 64-year-old actress looked stunning in a dazzling gold sequined number that fit her like a dream.

Stone came out during musical guest Sam Smith’s performance and laid seductively on Smith’s piano while the singer belted out a tune. The Sliver star looked like a golden goddess or some kind of muse as she posed in front of Smith. Stone later appeared in a sketch opposite host Aubrey Plaza.

The sketch was a send-up of old detective films, as it was in black and white, depriving the audience of Sharon Stone’s famous platinum locks. Even in monochrome, Stone was a knockout looking more like Plaza’s sister than her mother. Sharon wore a tight-fitting lowcut dress that reminded people just exactly why she was one of the ’90s biggest sex symbols.

Stone’s good looks are the result of hard work and determination. The Total Recall star suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage in 2001 and came away from the experience with a renewed commitment to her health and wellness. As the actress told the Hollywood Reporter: “I was in an ICU for nine days, and the survival rate for what I went through is very low…I don’t need someone to make me feel bad about growing older.”

sharon stone

Sharon Stone keeps her stunning physique by working out five times a week. She switches back and forth between several different routines, including pilates, total-body stretches, strength training, yoga, and even dance. The actress also credits giving up alcohol with helping her to stay so fit and young looking.

Sharon Stone rose to prominence with a breakout role in the 1992 erotic thriller Basic Instinct. The film features an infamous scene during an interrogation that introduced more of Stone to the audience than she was perhaps comfortable with showing. Sharon Stone followed that role up with a string of starring roles throughout the rest of the ’90s and into the ’00s.

Stone found the roles getting fewer and farther between as she aged. In 2021 Sharon was let go by her agent, leading her to contemplate quitting acting altogether. Along with age, Stone’s reputation as a difficult actress, i.e., a strong woman that speaks her mind, contributed to the lack of good parts she’s been offered in recent years.

Hopefully, Stone’s cameo on SNL leads to a Sharon Stone renaissance. It would be a shame if her captivating turn as Sam Smith’s arm candy was the last time we saw Sharon Stone. Although IMDb doesn’t list anything upcoming in the actress’s filmography, the fact that Stone starred in seven projects in 2022, including three episodes of the HBO MAX series The Flight Attendant, bodes well for the star’s future.

If Saturday’s performance was any indication, Sharon Stone is still in her prime and will hopefully be showing off her gorgeous physique many more times in 2023, whether in the form of more Saturday Night Live cameos or otherwise.