See Penelope Cruz In A Sexy Push-Up Bra And Leather Jacket

Penelope Cruz has started the new year with new images of her in a sexy push-up bra and leather jacket.

By Jessica Scott | Published

penelope cruz

Penelope Cruz is starting the new year in style. The actress just posted two photos on her Instagram page: one of a close-up of her face, displaying her dark, soulful eyes and a smattering of freckles as she cups her face with her hands, and one of her lying on her side and smoldering at the camera in a black leather jacket, short black shorts, and a sexy black push-up bra.

Penelope Cruz’s caption wishes her followers a “Happy new year” and explains that the photos are for a new article in Dust magazine. According to Monsters & Critics, the actress also appeared on the cover of the Spanish issue of the mag in late December, when she posed topless with her arms crossed over her chest.

No one would ever guess that Penelope Cruz is 48 years old as she continues to pose for the same kind of sexy shots that helped her to gain recognition decades ago. When asked what she does to remain in such good shape, she said that she makes sure to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night and to exercise in the morning if she’s not working on a movie.

Penelope Cruz was a classical ballerina for 17 years, something that helped form her tight, lean figure. Now that she has moved on from that, she does resistance training and aerobic exercise three to four times a week for an hour each time. She also recommends eating an energizing breakfast of “Eggs, fruit, homemade cereals or spelt toast and sometimes celery juice.”

penelope cruz

In addition to eating healthy and working out often, Penelope Cruz uses protein shakes and natural supplements to maintain her figure. She also makes sure not to drink more than two cups of coffee per day, perhaps so she can stick with her consistent sleep schedule. 

Life isn’t all about looks, however, and Penelope Cruz has a lot more going on in her life than physical fitness. She also just helped to launch the Moonlyon production company with The Mediapro Studio. According to Deadline, the company will be producing “premium non-fiction and dramatic content.” 

Though she is already well-known for her acting talent, Penelope Cruz will get the chance to do more behind-the-camera work on upcoming projects. She will be producing new shows and films and bringing more diversity to the field, one of the things she is looking forward to the most.

Don’t worry, though: Penelope Cruz will still be acting as well. This past year, she was working on the 2023 film Ferrari, a biopic about the life of Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver) in which she plays Ferrari’s wife, Laura, as well as on the recently released French-Italian film L’immensità. In the latter, the actress puts her Italian language skills to work playing a wife of a man she doesn’t love but cannot leave and the mother of three children, one of whom presents themselves as a boy and causes division in the family.

While L’immensità has received mixed reviews since its release in September 2022, Penelope Cruz received a lot of praise for her work on it. ScreenDaily’s Wendy Ide called her “a cross between Sophia Loren and a solar flare,” making it clear that her Instagram photos aren’t the only hot thing about this actress.