See Melissa Rauch In A Sexy Leather Catsuit

Melissa Rauch showcased a sexy black catsuit in a new image posted to Twitter.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

meliss rauch

Melissa Rauch may have played a smart, usually buttoned-up scientist on The Big Bang Theory, but she’s putting her shapely assets on display in a shiny, black leather catsuit in a recent fan post on Twitter. 

She looks a bit like a spy or a secret agent as she poses with a manicured hand on her hip in the skin-tight outfit, which is unzipped down to her upper stomach, giving audiences a glimpse of her cleavage. Melissa Rauch’s dark eye makeup also suggests a tough-girl attitude, but her smile is warm as she stares into the camera.

That smile is often on full display in Melissa Rauch’s latest project, Night Court, where she plays the bubbly, lighthearted Judge Abby Stone. According to an interview with NBC Insider, Rauch really enjoys playing such an upbeat character. “Abby’s optimism is something that I personally admire,” she said.

“I honestly wish I even had more of it for myself. But I think her choice is to be optimistic,” Rauch added.

Melissa Rauch goes on to say that the lightness that her character projects is not a “Pollyanna disposition,” meaning she just refuses to acknowledge the darker parts of life. Instead, she is optimistic because she has been through so much of that darkness and grief herself that she knows that wallowing in pessimism doesn’t lead to anything worthwhile. So, she makes it a conscious goal to be optimistic and empathetic, something that goes a long way toward helping the show’s other characters, as well as its audience.

Night Court, for those who weren’t around in the ’80s and early ’90s (or just don’t watch classic television), is a revival of a sitcom of the same name that ran for eight seasons, from 1984 to 1992. The original series takes place during the night shift at a Manhattan Criminal Court, in which the trials are presided over by Judge Harold “Harry” T. Stone, who is a bit quirky and unorthodox. 

In the revival, Melissa Rauch plays Harry Stone’s daughter, filling the late judge’s chair during the same night shift in the same court. John Larroquette, who played prosecutor Dan Fielding in the original series, returns as a public defender in Abby’s court, something that has recently led the actress to think about what might happen if someone ever asked her to reprise her role as Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory

Melissa Rauch appeared in an incredible 10 out of 12 seasons of the long-running, well-loved sitcom, but she most likely wouldn’t return for the time being. According to Looper, she would be hesitant to ruin what she thinks was a great ending, and would want to “protect the legacy of what [she] had done with this group of friends years ago.” If asked at this very moment if she would return to do a Big Bang revival, her answer would be: “Ah, no, [The Big Bang Theory] ended so perfectly.”

She finished with: “I would never want to tamper with that.”

But that’s if you asked her right now. If you ask Melissa Rauch in three decades to return to the project that brought her so much fame and so many fans, she says: “30 years from now, if someone came knocking on my door the way I did to John [Larroquette] — never say never.”

So, maybe one day we could see Melissa Rauch put on those glasses and that high-pitched voice and become Bernadette again, but for now, she’s perfectly happy to be the happy-go-lucky judge on Night Court – and to pose in sexy catsuits, apparently.