See Kate Beckinsale In A Floral Dress And Sexy Pink Heels

Kate Beckinsale stuns in a floral dress and sexy pink heels for The Prisoner's Daughter premiere.

By Matthew Creith | Published

In the run-up to awards season this year, many celebrities are currently promoting films that they believe might get the attention of Academy Awards voters and critics alike. Actor Kate Beckinsale recently traveled to the Toronto International Film Festival to do just that, promoting a new movie she made with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke and Succession actor Brian Cox entitled Prisoner’s Daughter. To help advertise the film’s premiere at the film festival, Beckinsale posed for professional photographers and then posted a picture to her own Instagram account highlighting her sense of style and gorgeous taste in floral designs.

kate beckinsale

Wearing a dress reminiscent of the summer season that is quickly leaving for more autumnal colors, Kate Beckinsale stuns in flowery purples and whites while walking the streets of Toronto to promote Prisoner’s Daughter. Posting the picture of her teased back hair and pink high heels to social media, Beckinsale’s 5.5 million followers were treated to a beautifully tanned actor at the peak of her acting career. With a cheeky grin and style that offsets the very gritty and dramatic tone that her starring role in Prisoner’s Daughter evokes, Beckinsale seems to know how to strut her stuff at a film festival.

Prisoner’s Daughter stars Kate Beckinsale as the daughter of a convicted felon, played by British actor Brian Cox, as she struggles to keep a job and raise her middle school-aged son in a world that has been very unkind to both. Beckinsale tones down her accent for the film, playing an American single mom dealing with a dying father attempting to reconnect when he is released from prison into her care on house arrest. According to Daily Mail, Kate Beckinsale wore a different outfit to another screening of Prisoner’s Daughter at the Toronto International Film Festival, which included a pink dress complete with contrasting black leather gloves.

Prior to her work in Prisoner’s Daughter, Kate Beckinsale is well-known as the star of several romantic comedies, Michael Bay films like Armageddon, and a long-time stint in a franchise of her very own. The English actor became the star of the Underworld film series starting in 2003, playing the main character of Selene in several movies of the franchise that concluded in 2016. She has also made several cameos and has been featured in hefty supporting roles in movies like The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio and Click alongside Adam Sandler.

After promoting Prisoner’s Daughter and making the film festival rounds this month, Kate Beckinsale will be busy furthering her acting career outside of social media. She has recently completed filming on El Tonto, written and directed by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Charlie Day, and costars Australian star Travis Fimmel and Ted Lasso Primetime Emmy Award winner Jason Sudeikis. Beckinsale is also currently preparing to start filming Canary Black, where she will portray a character named Avery Graves, the victim of a blackmailing scheme by terrorists who convince her to betray her own country in order to save her kidnapped husband.