See Jennifer Lopez Squeezed Into A Crop Top In Return To Instagram

Jennifer Lopez returned to social media to promote a new album and showcase herself squeezed into a crop top.

By James Brizuela | Published

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez shocked the world last week when she deleted all of her social media, leaving many to wonder why she had engaged in the drastic move. Now, it appears as if JLo was doing so to promote her new album, which shows her growing up from her 20-year-old self to now. The caption on the video lays out the track list for a new album called, This is Me…Now, and showcases Lopez transforming from her younger self into who she is now, which you can see in the below video:

While Jennifer Lopez has always been one of the most attractive women on the planet, she showcases what she looks like now compared to 20 years ago, and we sure hope we look like her when we are in our 50s. In just the short two-hour time since she welcomed herself back to social media in this grand way, the above video has already racked up well over 500,000 likes. The comments are also filled with people stating that they loved her then, and still love her now, which is a sentiment that is shared by us all.

Jennifer Lopez has always done double duty in the form of performing music and being a movie star, but it appears that she is ready to step back into the world of leading the music charts. The above video allows the world to hear a snippet of her new music, which we can assume is from the title track, “This is Me…Now.” The video also promises that this special “music experience” will happen in 2023, though there is no given release date for the album’s release.

jennifer lopez

Apart from Jennifer Lopez announcing her new album in the best way possible, she is still plenty busy in the world of movies. She most recently appeared in a romantic comedy called Marry Me, where she portrays a huge pop singer named Kate Valdez, who finds out that her fiance has been unfaithful, so she chooses to marry a random person in the crowd. That person is Charlie, played by Owen Wilson.

From there, Jennifer Lopez is staying in the genre of weddings, only with a much more action-packed twist. Her next movie is Shotgun Wedding, which is an action/romance/comedy that sees Lopez’s Darcy marry Josh Duhamel’s Tom. When they plan their perfect destination wedding, the affair is hijacked by pirates, leaving the newlyweds to save themselves and their gusts.

Shotgun Wedding will be released on January 23, 2023, on Amazon Prime Video. Jennifer Lopez is also starring in three upcoming movies called The Mother, Atlas, and The Godmother, along with a series called H! Wood Show. We are not sure how she has time to make a new album and appear in these movies and shows, but she is certainly staying on top of her hustle.

Jennifer Lopez may have aged 20 years in the above video, but she looks spectacular in her crop top at age 53. She clearly is still dominating the movie and music scene, all while celebrating her marriage to Ben Affleck. Keep on shining, JLo.