See January Jones Show Skin In A Designer Black Dress

January Jones showed off some skin in a black designer dress to complain about her Monday.

By James Brizuela | Published

January Jones was engaging in what most people do, complaining about Mondays. However, she was complaining about the start of everyone’s work week while showing off some skin in a black designer dress, making her complaints a lot more stylish than most of ours. Still, we are not sure how early in the morning she had to get up to have her makeup done, and her outfit put together for the photoshoot that she has shared on social media pages.

Her supposed toil seems to have been worth it, as nearly 9,000 people have liked the above image, with over a hundred comments of people commenting about how great she looks, to others engaging about what makes their Mondays so enjoyable. While no one is a particular fan of Mondays, at least we can agree that January Jones looks amazing in hers. Most of us are rolling out of bed and attempting to get ourselves together to start the week. Jones might think about ditching the life of acting and focusing on modeling, as she looks amazing in her photoshoot.

january jones

January Jones did take a bit of a break from acting, as her last role was on a show called Spinning Out in 2020, which followed the life of a figure skater that has hoped of making it into the Olympics. Through her personal life and mental struggles, the figure skater realizes her dreams might be a lot harder to accomplish. Jones starred as Carol Baker in the series, which was canceled by Netflix after only one season.

While a show being canceled is commonplace for a lot of actors, it is likely something that still stings as well, and January Jones could have been done with acting for that reason. This is just speculation, but she is back to the acting game as she has two features coming out soon. The first is called God is a Bullet and boasts an interesting story and a great cast.

God is a Bullet stars Jamie Foxx, January Jones, Maika Monroe, Ethan Suplee, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Detective Bob Hightower. Bob discovers that his ex-wife has been murdered and his daughter is taken by a satanic cult, and he must now do what he must to save his daughter. When police investigations fail, Bob takes matters into his own hands by leaving the force, getting tattoos, and infiltrating the cult by himself to save his only daughter’s life.

January Jones is also set to star in a movie called The Helpers, which could be a remake of a horror film from 2012, but not much is known about it so far. While God is a Bullet is in post-production, meaning it could be released in early 2023, The Helpers is in pre-production, and little is known about it so far.

We are quite excited about January Jones returning to acting after a short break, as she was fantastic in Mad Men and The Last Man on Earth. However, we wouldn’t be the least bit upset if she was to leave acting behind to focus fully on modeling either. She is quite beautiful and anytime she chooses to show off some skin in an elegant outfit is going to be a good Monday for us.