See Elizabeth Hurley Spilling Out Of A Bikini In Sexy Video

Elizabeth Hurley took to Instagram to showcase herself spilling out of a bikini in a new sexy video.

By Ross Tyson | Published

Elizabeth Hurley is turning heads like she never left 1999, as the actress posted an Insta video of herself posing in front of a mirror in some very tight swimwear. With a caption reading “Back in a bikini”. The English model/actress double threat didn’t make it clear how long she had been out of the bikini, but nobody was complaining. Fans instead showered her with compliments about her looks at 57 years old.

While Elizabeth Hurley isn’t as prevalent today, preferring to stick to smaller parts and appearing here and there on various shows, she was an absolute sex symbol in the 90s. Starting off as a model and appearing mostly in ads for Estée Lauder since she was signed at the age of 29. Around the same time, she dated fellow English actor Hugh Grant, who she still maintains a close relationship with and designated as her son’s godfather.

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Though her Estée Lauder ads were what brought her into the homes and dreams of many during her early career, it wasn’t Hurley’s first brush with fame. Elizabeth Hurley started in the late 80s, serving her time and popping up on various British shows for small parts. Her big break came when she was cast in the blockbuster Passenger 57 along with Wesley Snipes and Tom Sizemore. While the film received mixed reviews from critics and would have the “Best Midair Plane Heist” award stolen by Con-Air five years later, it was enough to show the world who Elizabeth Hurley was.

Her popularity exploded from there, landing her roles in various films until she was cast in the cultural milestone that would become her breakout role- Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Austin Powers was a classic send-up of spy films, which was also written by comedian Mike Myers and featured the comedian in multiple roles. Elizabeth Hurley was brought in to play Vanessa Kensington, the strong, smart satire of what the usual Bond girl was portrayed as at the time.

Following the box office success of Austin Powers, Mike Myers went on to voice Shrek, further cementing himself in the hearts of everyone. Elizabeth Hurley meanwhile, went the opposite direction, taking a southbound train straight to metaphorical and critical hell with Brendan Fraser riding passenger in Bedazzled where she played The Devil. While the film did okay at the box office, it also received mixed reviews at best, calling the comedic take on Faust uneven at best.

Elizabeth Hurley has stepped in and out of the spotlight since then, choosing to spend time raising her son throughout the 2000s as opposed to chasing fame. She eventually made her on-screen return in 2011, taking on a big role in season five of the CW hit Gossip Girl. She attempted to revive Wonder Woman on the small screen, filming a pilot for NBC that was never aired. Interestingly, she costarred alongside future Wonder Woman villain Pedro Pascal, who was doted on for his scenery-chewing in Wonder Woman 1984.

While we may be thirty years past her big rise, Elizabeth Hurley is showing that she can still be a heartthrob. Whether in the 90s or the 20s, she has assured fans she’ll be sticking around as both a model and actress for the foreseeable future.