See Cara Delevingne In A Black Thong

Cara Delevingne is enjoying her vacation, especially in the thong bikini she strutted on her Instagram page.

By Jessica Scott | Published

Cara Delevingne

In her own words, “Nice view.” Cara Delevingne’s latest Instagram post shows the actress looking toned and pensive as she stands in an infinity pool in a strappy, black one-piece bathing suit that leaves little of her picture-perfect posterior to the imagination. In the background, the sun is setting on a beautiful island landscape courtesy of Auberge Resorts’ Esperanza location in Los Cabos, according to Delevingne’s caption.

According to The Daily Mail, this was just one of the many sexy snaps taken of the star during Cara Delevingne’s trip to Mexico, where she has been taking a well-deserved break in the leadup to the American release of her documentary series, Planet Sex on Hulu. 

The six-episode docuseries originally aired on the BBC in the UK last year but will be making its way across the pond on February 14 – a very appropriate day to talk about love and intimacy. In the series, Cara Delevingne sets out on her own “journey to self-discovery” as she goes around the world, talking to people about sex and all its intricacies. She explores the topics of relationships, sex appeal, and more as she learns more about sexuality in other countries, as well as about herself.

Cara Delevingne has been very open about her status as queer in recent years. While she has reportedly dated men like Harry Styles and Leonardo DiCaprio (she was a supermodel, after all, and isn’t that his type?), she has been linked more often to women in past years, including Miley Cyrus, Ashley Benson, and Leah Mason, a.k.a. Minke.

In the trailer for the show, Cara Delevingne brings up this topic as she muses about how she appreciates both men and women, but how women especially get her motor running. “I date men but [wow] do I love women and everyone else.” Still, though: “In my own life I definitely had a lot of internalized homophobia and shame,” she said.

Cara Delevingne carnival row season 2

Aside from this very revealing docuseries, Cara Delevingne also stars in Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row with Orlando Bloom, which is coming back for its second and final season this February as well. Even though the second season was greenlit way back in 2019, fans are only just now getting the chance to see how things turn out for Cara Delevingne’s fairy character, Vignette, and her romance with a human detective named Rycroft. 

Some movie fans may know Cara Delevingne best from her role as Margo Roth Spiegelman in Paper Towns, the adaptation of the book of the same name by John Green. Although she was a model at first, this film was her breakout role, with Justin Chang of Variety calling her “the real find of the film” (as reported by the Irish Examiner). 

Cara Delevingne then went on to star as a mermaid in Pan and as Enchantress in Suicide Squad. More recently, she starred as Alice Banks, an artist who begins to date Selena Gomez’s Mabel in Only Murders in the Building, the hit Hulu series which also stars Steve Martin and Martin Short.

With all that work going on, it’s no surprise that Cara Delevingne wants to take a bit of time to refresh herself at such a luxurious and beautiful resort and spa!

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