See Brie Larson In Just Her Underwear And A Crazy Sweater

Brie Larson shows off a crazy sweate in her underwear while wearing crocs for her role in Lessons in Chemistry.

By James Brizuela | Published

Brie Larson is not shy when showcasing some of her rather inventive outfits on her social media pages, and this time she has gone all out with crocs, underwear, and a crazy sweater. While Larson might be promoting one of her upcoming acting gigs with the crocs, she is surely showcasing her dorky personality. Larson often shows that she has a fun side by posting herself lounging at home, but seemingly having a ton of fun while doing so.

The above image has already amassed a whopping 188,000 likes, with nearly 700 comments from fans and friends adoring her wild sweater and the crocs. We have not yet caved and bought crocs, but we have been told that they are incredibly comfortable. We can leave it up to Brie Larson to showcase them to the world.

brie larson

As previously mentioned, there is a reason that Brie Larson has decorated her crocs in such a way, as the many literal symbols of chemistry could be her signifying that she is deeply involved in the role of Elizabeth Zott for Lessons in Chemistry. There is even an “E” and “Z” croc decorating, which is a dead giveaway to give a head nod to her character in the series. Lessons in Chemistry is a new series that Larson is starring in, based on a historical fiction novel of the same name, which sees Larson portray a female chemist in the 1960s who becomes pregnant and is fired from the lab she works at.

The new series has only yet been announced, but we would imagine that Brie Larson is already promoting the series moving forward. However, Larson has quite a packed schedule ahead of her. She has already appeared in Ms. Marvel which will lead into The Marvels, which acts as a sequel to Captain Marvel and the previously mentioned MCU series.

Everyone is patiently waiting to see Brie Larson return to Marvel, and she will do so on July 28, 2023. However, before that, Larson will be appearing in a dream-come-true role, as she asked to be part of the Fast & Furious franchise. That wish was granted by Vin Diesel and Larson is currently filming her role as Tess for Fast X, which is part one of the two-part finale that is meant to end the mainline story of the franchise.

Brie Larson is also set to start in another series where she plays a CIA operative. Not much is known about the series just yet, but it centers around the life of a real operative, which could mean it will be a highly dramatic biopic series. We can’t wait to hear more about this new show.

Brie Larson has become one of the most sought-after actresses in show business, and it could be because she is constantly showcasing her heartwarming personality on social media and otherwise. We commend her for always wanting to be herself, despite the crazy sweater and crocs that she proudly rocks in the above photo.