See Anne Hathaway Busting Out Of A Low Cut Top

A fan account for Anne Hathaway posted an image of the famed actress busting out of a low-cut top.

By Phillip Moyer | Updated

anne hathaway

An Anne Hathaway fan account has posted a photo of the star wearing a sequin-adorned dress with some rather… revealing properties. The dress, which the star of The Dark Knight Rises and Ocean’s Eight wore to the 2020 Critics Choice awards, doesn’t have a neckline so much as it has a belly button line. The bottom of this cavernous V-neck is held in place by a flesh-colored piece of elastic, likely to prevent the already-revealing outfit from sliding further down Anne Hathaway’s shoulders and violating local public indecency laws. When posting the photo, the fan account added a long vertical line of periods in the description, likely as an acknowledgment of just how low the neckline goes.

Anne Hathaway appeared at the award ceremony after being nominated for best actress for her role in the TV series Modern Love. She only appeared in one episode of the anthology series, portraying Lexi Donohoe. Lexi is a corporate lawyer with bipolar disorder, whose career and relationships are both harmed by the low points brought about by her mood swings. The episode follows a relationship she has with a man that she meets at a grocery store during her manic period. Her performance was praised for its portrayal of the mental disorder and the effects it can have on a person’s life, along with the episode’s advocacy of self-love.

Anne Hathaway didn’t end up winning the award that year. Instead, Michelle Williams walked away with the top prize for playing Gwen Verdon in Fosse/Verdon. The 2019 biographical miniseries followed the creative and romantic partnership between choreographer Bob Fosse and dancer Gwen Verdon.

Anne Hathaway is perhaps best known for her role in The Princess Diaries series of films. The family movies, which also stars legendary Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music actress Julie Andrews, follow a high school student who discovers that she is the only heir to the fictional European kingdom of Genovia. The first film followed the nerdy teen’s choice to accept her role as Princess, while the second film, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, follows her attempts to find an eligible husband. A rumored third film has recently been confirmed, but it’s unclear whether Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews would be returning to their defining roles.

anne hathaway

This two-year-old photo of Anne Hathaway at the Critics’ Choice Awards is not the first time that the star of The Witches decided that cleavage has no limits. Her appearance at the 2005 amfAR Benefit Gala showed off a similarly revealing outfit, and she has posed for the cover of Shape magazine with a completely open top. Ironically, that cover, which purports to help women feel “happy and confident” in their own skin, has pretty clearly airbrushed Anne Hathaway’s skin to remove all blemishes.

Anne Hathaway’s next upcoming role is that of Rebecca Saint John in the movie Eileen. Hathaway will play a worker at a prison facility who becomes friends with a co-worker, Eileen Dunlop (played by Jojo Rabbit star Thomasin McKenzie) as things take on a sinister turn.