See Ana De Armas In Stunning Pink Gown

Ana de Armas showed off the pink gown that she wore to the premiere of Blonde, which she looks amazing in.

By James Brizuela | Published

ana de armas pink dress
Credit: Instagram @ana_d_armas

Ana de Armas is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She took to Instagram to show off her stunning pink gown that she wore to the premiere of Blonde, where she takes on the role of Marilyn Monroe. Naturally, everyone remembers the pink dress that Monroe wore, and that could be why Armas decide to channel the famous starlet in her outfit for the evening. She looks radiant as ever. You can see the photo of her gown above.

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding Ana de Armas and her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe. One point of contention was that Armas still has her accent, but that led to the Monroe estate speaking out in support of the decision to keep Armas speaking like she naturally does. Also, the NC-17 rating for the film is something that has long been discussed. Even Armas was confused by it. These concerns seemed to be forgotten completely, as Blonde officially debuted at the Venice Film Festival. The result was an over 10-minute standing ovation for Armas and the rest of the cast. That is a huge honor to be received. Despite what everyone seems to think about the film, it was clearly loved by the industry that was in attendance for the film’s world premiere.

ana de armas

Blonde follows the turbulent life of Marilyn Monroe, as she juggled her rocky private life with attempting to grasp her superstardom. Ana de Armas takes on the titular role, and she is joined by Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Lucy DeVito, Sara Paxton, and many more. The film was directed by Andrew Dominik. Dominik famously directed films like Killing Them Softly and Chopper. Although the film has officially debuted at the Venice Film Festival, we will have to wait until September 28th to see it land on Netflix.

Ana de Armas has steadily been working her way through Hollywood in a great way. She has had breakout roles in Blade Runner 2049 and Knives Out. She recently teamed up with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling for an espionage thriller called The Gray Man. The film was a hit on Netflix and is already going to be given a sequel and spinoff. We are not sure if Armas is going to be targeted for the sequel, but we would imagine that is a strong possibility. She is set to reunite with Chris Evans in a romantic comedy called Ghosted, which also brings in Adrien Brody.

Ana de Armas looks spectacular, sexy, and elegant in her flowing pink dress. Although the world has not seen Blonde yet, the reception has been fantastic so far. Reviews are pouring in and speaking about Armas’s performance in the film. It might be too early to tell, but she could land herself some award recognition for her performance in the film. She has become a household name in the acting world, and we can’t wait to see this movie.