Why Scott Baio Has Been Trending

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

scott baio

Scott Baio is trending but not necessarily in the most positive way. Honestly, these days trending for anything probably isn’t where you want to be considering the state of social media and the fickle nature of the entertainment industry in general. But Baio had an interaction with Patton Oswalt on Twitter that has the former making his social media rounds right now. 

Things started *innocently* enough with Patton Oswalt making some comments on Twitter about the supposed March 4th re-inauguration of Donald Trump. Oswalt was replying to another account that asked for an opinion on a Trump Inauguration interview that had gone down tongue-in-cheek. Here was what Oswalt had to say, throwing Scott Baio out there as something of a non-sequitur to start. 

This was in reference to a recent conspiracy theory that March 4th would actually be the day that Donald Trump was inaugurated back into office. Things didn’t play out according to plan with those believers leading to some folks online having a little fun at their expense. Patton Oswalt refers to a couple of different things related to Trump supporters, but then mentions Scott Baio by name. Presumably, this was because Baio was one of the higher-profile *celebrities* to endorse Trump the first time around for the Presidency. Baio responded in kind, which then had Oswalt fire back:

Scott Baio makes some comments about Patton Oswalt and medical conditions before calling the latter a clown. This had Oswalt call out Baio for searching out his name (I’m sure he was told about the Oswalt tweet) and then mentions the movie Bugsy Malone which was one of Baio’s first movies when the actor was only 16 years old. It all feels incredibly childish.

This whole social media dustup, if you can even call it that, with Patton Oswalt and Scott Baio got the latter trending on Twitter. You can check out some of the comments here. Here are some of the highlights:

So sure, a lot of the Twitterverse started dunking on Scott Baio thanks to Patton Oswalt ringing in with a comment or two. Should Oswalt have called out Baio by name? Probably not, but this all does seem like a couple of children just arguing with each other about nothing at all. 

Scott Baio, other than beefing with Patton Oswalt on Twitter the actor does have a couple of projects lined up right now. He’ll start in the Western drama Trail Blazers with some other actors of the same television generation like Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson, Dean Cain, and Lorenzo Lamas. That’s a veritable who’s who of early-90s television. He’s also got a voice role coming up in Quigley 2.

scott baio

So while Scott Baio has had his star dull a bit since his heyday in the 1980s with Charles in Charge, there’s still work for the actor out there. Is it hit sitcom territory? No, but roles are roles these days. Let’s hope that he and Oswalt can move on from this silliness.