See Sarah Michelle Gellar In A School Girl Outfit

Sarah Michelle Gellar looks great in the school uniform from her new movie Do Revenge.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Sarah Michelle Gellar will likely always be best known as Buffy Summers, the vampire slayer whose high school years were a rollercoaster of romantic entanglements and Big Bads. It kind of makes sense that the now 45-year-old Cruel Intentions star would still look fantastic in a stylish schoolgirl outfit, given that she is an eternal icon of teenhood. In this case, Sarah Michelle Gellar posted an image of herself modeling this look to her social media, and rest assured, she looks fantastic. 

The image posted to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram shows the actress wearing a very fetching high-waisted plaid skirt (with a matching plaid necktie, a figure-hugging sweater, and a stylish capelet, all in varying shades of lavender and white. While wearing such an incredible outfit, Sarah Michelle Gellar is also posing in an incredibly coy, yet knowing position that it boggles the mind that she actually is no longer a high school student. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar is actually wearing the school uniform of the fictional Miami Rosehill Country Day High School from her new movie Do Revenge. The Netflix film involves two students (Riverdale’s Camila Mendes and Stranger ThingsMaya Hawke) who have been socially shunned by their peers and decide to take revenge on the other’s tormentors, to avoid any connection with the consequences. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a supporting role in the film, playing the faux-sympathetic, gorgeous Headmaster of the school. 

Do Revenge benefits enormously from the presence of Sarah Michelle Gellar, who once starred in one of the most iconic films of the 1990s as a calculating, sadistic queen bee at a private school. In fact, her character in Do Revenge could very well be a grown-up Kathryn Merteuil from Cruel Intentions, back at prep school as a different kind of powermonger this time around. While there were several direct-to-DVD sequels to Cruel Intentions (as well as a musical), recent plans to adapt the show for television fell through, to the relief of the actor, who felt the subject matter was inherently too risque for network TV.

Sarah Michelle Gellar also kindly tagged Maya Hawke, Camila Mendes, and Do Revenge director and co-writer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson in the picture. Robinson is also known for co-writing the Marvel film Thor: Love and Thunder with director Taika Waititi; while one movie deals with vengeful teens and high school gamesmanship and the other is about Christian Bale killing gods, both films have a dark, acidic sense of humor underneath the candy-coated visuals.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has a new project in production, which is something of a return to her supernatural teen roots. She will star in the upcoming Paramount+ series Wolf Pack, a teen drama about werewolves, based on a YA novel by Edo van Belkom. While vampires were typically more of her speed as a slayer, she still did have a werewolf as a friend in Seth Green’s character Daniel “Oz” Osbourne. It seems that while things can change, Sarah Michelle Gellar always ends up around some kind of supernatural beast.