See Sarah Michelle Gellar Posing With Stranger Things Star Maya Hawke

Sarah Michelle Gellar posed with fellow co-star Maya Hawke in a recent Instagram post.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Cruel Intentions

It’s tough to imagine Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar and Stranger Things star Maya Hawke starring in the same film unless something creepy and supernatural is involved. However, the two recently starred in the hit Netflix comedy film Do Revenge. And Gellar posted several pics to Instagram recently from their time on the set together, giving us the kind of spooky team-up that we never thought we’d see outside of fanfiction.

The first image of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Maya Hawke shows them surrounded by two of their Do Revenge colleagues (a fellow actor and the director, respectively). Each woman has on a different dazzling dress, and the four of them are posing together for what looks like a promotional photo for the film. Gellar is sporting a dark gold dress that makes her look very regal, and Hawke is rocking a pink dress with fun patterns up top that would look right at home in an episode of Mad Men (honestly, it’s easy to imagine Alison Brie’s Trudy wearing this while she effortlessly steals every scene she’s in).

The next image is not a promotional one. Instead, it shows Sarah Michelle Gellar and Maya Hawke standing next to one another, with Hawke side-hugging the older woman. And it’s this second image that showcases something pretty funny: Hawke is about four inches taller than Gellar, which is likely why she was the only one sitting down in the first picture.

In that second image, the third woman with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Maya Hawke is Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. She is the co-writer, producer, and director of Do Revenge, and it seems that Gellar really enjoyed her time working with Robinson. In fact, the primary point of this Instagram post was to wish Robinson a happy birthday, and Gellar went out of her way to showcase how much she respects this director.

Maya Hawke

For example, the third and fourth pictures that Sarah Michelle Gellar posted don’t have Maya Hawke or any other costars in them, instead showing Gellar hanging with Robinson. The third image shows Gellar with her arm over the director as they pose for red carpet photographs. And in her caption addressed to Robinson, Gellar sweetly noted that the final image “is a true representation of how I look at you,” and that picture shows Gellar quite literally looking up to the director with attentive eyes and a big smile.

Of course, the two have plenty to smile about. In an age where even Marvel Cinematic Universe movies can be critical and commercial disappointments, this film has an 83 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and many critics declare it to be a masterpiece of black comedy. By channeling the talents of Sarah Michelle Gellar (herself a former teen icon) and Maya Hawke (who is a current teen icon), this film gives us the most hilariously-cynical take on high school life since 1996’s Scream.

Fortunately for fans of both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Maya Hawke, each of these actors has been staying busy working on some exciting projects. Gellar returned to supernatural television with Wolf Pack recently, and Hawke is one of many big names set to star in Asteroid City, the latest film from Wes Anderson. As exciting as those projects are, though, what we’re really rooting for is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer cameo in the next season of Stranger Things (around here, we like to think that Buffy walked so Stranger Things could run…up that hill, that is).