Salma Hayek Trends For Wearing A Stunning, Low Cut Gown

By Tyler Pisapia | 16 seconds ago

salma hayek

Salma Hayek is trending on social media for dressing in head-to-toe designer Gucci clothing during a recent red carpet appearance. The actress has a lot of wind at her back right now thanks in large part to her introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by way of the box-office busting movie Eternals.

However, her latest turn on the red carpet was actually not for a movie premiere. On Monday, Salma Hayek took to Instagram to share a now-viral post of herself in a purple gown, necklace and clutch that is apparently all Gucci brand. You can see the photos below.

It makes sense for her to have been rocking the designer brand given that the event she was at was sponsored by Gucci. Salma Hayek’s Instagram shows her on the red carpet for this year’s LACMA Art+Film Gala, which The Hollywood Reporter notes is colloquially called the Met Gala of the West, meaning big looks are par for the course. The event is sponsored by the luxury designer brand and seeks to pay tribute to artists such as this year’s key honoree, filmmaker Steven Spielberg. In the snaps, the actress poses on the red carpet with Hollywood big wigs as well as actress Olivia Wilde. 

Also among the people she poses with is her husband, François Pinault, who marks yet another reason for Salma Hayek to be dressed in so much Gucci attire. The actress married the French businessman in 2009 and they’ve remained together ever since. Forbes notes that, among his many accolades, including having an impressively attractive wife, Pinault is honorary chairman of luxury group Kering, which owns fashion brands Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and, you guessed it, Gucci. 

Think that’s enough reasons to have Salma Hayek so thoroughly rocking Gucci attire? Well, too bad, because there’s one more reason. The actress, 55, can be seen later this month alongside Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in House of Gucci. According to Deadline, the Oscar nominee will play Pina Auriemma in the dramatized adaptation of the real-life story about how Patrizia Reggiani ( Lady Gaga), the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), conspired to kill her husband, the grandson of renowned fashion designer Guccio Gucci. Salma Hayek’s character is reportedly based on a clairvoyant friend of the infamous Black Widow, Reggiani. 

There’s clearly a lot going on for Salma Hayek right now, with two major motion pictures coming out in the same month. While House of Gucci may very well garner some awards attention, it’s unlikely it has any franchise potential. Fortunately, her role as the leader of the Eternals, Ajak, may give her a future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

salma hayek

During an interview with Smallzy’s Celebrity Talk Podcast (via SlashFilm), Salma Hayek revealed that she has officially signed on for multiple Marvel movies where she will, presumably, reprise her role as Ajak. While a sequel to Eternals may or may not be in the cards, it’s clear that fans will, at the very least, get to see her and possibly others pop up across the Marvel Cinematic Universe in future films going forward. In other words, it’s a good time to get used to seeing Salma Hayek on the red carpet, dressed in Gucci or otherwise.