See Salma Hayek Visit One Of The Most Iconic Indiana Jones Locations

Salma Hayek visited the lost city of Petra, Jordan, and shared her adventure on Instagram.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

salma hayek

Salma Hayek is taking a step through time in a recent Instagram post, which you can see below. Not only visiting a UNESCO world heritage site, but the Magic Mike’s Last Dance star was also checking out an area well-known by Indiana Jones fans from the franchise’s third installment, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. If you haven’t guessed the actress’ latest travel spot just yet, she’s visiting the ancient and unbelievable canyon city of Petra, Jordan.

Making its way onto the list of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Salma Hayek looks like she’s enjoying her visit to the ancient city, complete with a new set of bracelets and a meet and greet with a camel. Joined by what’s sure to be hundreds of other tourists, the Frida actress takes in the magnificent and unreal architecture of the famed Al-Khazneh – a castle-like building cut into the rocky walls. Enjoying her time away from the bright lights of Hollywood, Hayek snaps pictures of the locals and the red rock formations that make up this stunning place. 

On the film side of things, Salma Hayek’s latest vacation destination was the main location of Steven Spielberg’s 1989 Harrison Ford-led feature, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where audiences held their breath during the adrenaline-fueled final moments of the film. Also featured in titles including Arabian Nights, The Mummy Returns, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the eye-catching, dazzling ancient city has proven to be a highly desired place for filmmakers to capture the mysterious wonder of ruins. And while it is a standalone must-see travel spot, there’s no doubt that tourism in Petra received a major boost from the Hollywood productions that were filmed there. 

For a fun history lesson, Salma Hayek’s vacation took her back in time to somewhere around the year 9,000 B.C. when Petra was formed, becoming the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom in the 4th century B.C. Hidden within the mountains and only accessible via a slot canyon, the city maintained its freedom from the outside world until first invaded by the Romans and then almost completely wiped out by an earthquake. Many years later, the city would be re-discovered, with visitors eventually flocking to the other-worldly kingdom.

As for Salma Hayek, while the actress may have never had an acting gig within the gorgeously formed city of Petra, she’s certainly been to her fair share of dream locations. From filming in Italy for House of Gucci to her travels abroad in London and Amsterdam for The Hitman’s Bodyguard, the actress has made it to places that the rest of us could only dream of. Her latest role in Magic Mike’s Last Dance saw the star in yet another coveted spot – as the romantic interest of franchise star Channing Tatum.

With only one unnamed project coming down the line, it looks like Salma Hayek is ready to enjoy her free time from Hollywood and embark on some well-deserved vacation fun. Meanwhile, with the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny featuring another globe-trotting adventure for the titular character, we can’t wait to see what forgotten cities Indy will take audiences to next when the film hits theaters this summer.