See Salma Hayek In A Pink Bikini And Cowboy Hat

Check out the latest post from Salma Hayek who is sitting around enjoying the day in a pink string bikini and cowboy hat.

By David Harrison | Published

salma hayek

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her but Salma Hayek is nearing 56 years old, an age that used to be associated with considering retirement or maybe moving down to Florida for a little sun as you got up there in years. But that’s not the case anymore, not by a long shot and Hayek is just one of the many examples. She got back to Instagram this weekend after something of a hiatus and gave fans what they were looking for, to say the least. Her latest shot has her enjoying the Sunday vibes, lounging about in a pink bikini and sun hat, and making sure to remind everyone this was a photo with no makeup. It’s not a standard look for Hayek though one she can clearly pull off even as a stunner who’s well into her fifth decade on this blue orb. Check out the Salma Hayek Instagram shot.

Wishing everyone a Happy Sunday was the plan for Salma Hayek with this one and fans were there for the vibe. With more than 240K likes through less than a day on the platform, the Instagram post has had massive engagement. It’s easy to see why considering the subject matter and Salma Hayek has one of the bigger followings (21.6 million) out there. Though it’s not enough to crack the top 50 on the platform, it’s a huge number nonetheless, speaking to her fame and longevity in the Hollywood scene. 

Plus, there were probably some fans itching to see when Salma Hayek would pop back up on Instagram seeing as how it had been nearly two months since she lasted posted something. That’s an extended absence for the actress who’s usually had a fairly engaging and consistent feed. But such is the nature of celebrity in that there can be fits and starts with this kind of thing. Sometimes it’s part of the daily or weekly routine to put something out there for the masses. For others, it’s simply when the mood strikes or when it looks like there’s something worth sharing. In this case, it appears that Salma Hayek thought that a little bit of Sunday relaxation was something worth getting out there.

And Salma Hayek was more than a little busy last year on the big screen with a number of different movies releasing either in theaters or on streaming. She had roles in House of Gucci, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, Bliss, and Eternals. The latter was a brief foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Hayek was up for the task even of the movie, as a whole, fell more than a little flat in what it was trying to establish for the franchise. 

Next up for Salma Hayek will be a return to another franchise of hers though this one is of the animated variety. She’s set to once again voice Kitty Softpaws in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. This will pair her with Antonio Banderas’s titular character in one more story for the popular character. That movie is due out on December 21st of this year. So while she might be relaxing now, that isn’t always the case.