Ryan Reynolds Wants To Purchase Another Sports Team

Ryan Reynolds is reportedly exploring the possibility of claiming ownership over the NHL's Ottawa Senators.

By Matthew Creith | Published

Ryan Reynolds has made a name for himself as an actor in movies that range from independent classics like the 2010 thriller Buried, to full-fledged blockbuster fare like this year’s The Adam Project, but it’s his entrepreneurial spirit that has seemed to bolster his standing as a business leader as of late. Reynolds famously acquired a Welsh soccer club called Wrexham AFC along with fellow actor and friend Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame, and now it appears that Reynolds might be interested in purchasing another sports team. According to a report by CBS Sports, Ryan Reynolds is currently looking into buying the Ottawa Senators if the National Hockey League team goes up for sale in the near future, largely due to an ownership change that has to occur soon.

A native of Canada, Ryan Reynolds has supported Canadian causes for decades, so it should be no surprise to his fans that he would be interested in acquiring a Canadian sports team. Even though the actor hails from Vancouver, British Colombia, he would want to keep the Senators in Ottawa if he were to actually purchase the team, as he doesn’t seem too interested in upending the fanbase that has made the hockey team valuable in the first place.

The Ottawa Senators have never won the coveted Stanley Cup and they are currently exploring options to sell the team, as longtime owner Eugene Melnyk passed away earlier this year at the age of 62.

Before Ryan Reynolds takes on a possible new role as owner of the Ottawa Senators, he is currently attempting to fortify his strength as the owner of several businesses outside of his impressive film career. Reynolds and Mythic Quest star Rob McElhenney purchased Wrexham AFC under their RR McReynolds Company LLC about two years ago, and have since documented their path to ownership in the FX series, Welcome to Wrexham.

Ryan Reynolds also runs the production company Maximum Effort, which helps to create advertisements for other established businesses like Peloton and R.M. Williams, as well as acquiring a substantial stake in Aviation American Gin, which has been featured in several movies starring the famous actor.

ryan reynolds
Ryan Reynolds in a 2021 Aviation Gin/Mint Mobile PSA

In addition to his many business ventures, Ryan Reynolds seems keen on investing in products and services that he is familiar with and can promote in some of his movies, which is the case of his 25% stake in a company known as Mint Mobile. Reynolds proudly promotes Mint Mobile on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, often with the actor appearing as himself in commercials constructed by Maximum Effort.

In addition to some of his other products like Aviation Gin, Reynolds has promoted Mint Mobile in some of his projects like 2021’s Netflix action comedy Red Notice, which costarred Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson along with Ritu Arya and Chris Diamantopoulos.