Ryan Reynolds Just Revealed His Struggle With Mental Health Issues

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

ryan reynolds

On-screen, Ryan Reynolds sure does seem like a guy that has it all together. He appears a confident, funny, and playing a devil-may-care character in his biggest franchise that doesn’t struggle at all knowing what he wants to do in even difficult situations. But Reynolds has admitted that, in his private life, he has some struggles which he’s dealing with on a daily basis. In honor of Mental Health Month in May, Reynolds did post something about what he goes through day-to-day when it comes to anxiety. 

Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter in honor of the month and laid out an honest little social media missive that caught fans up on some of the things he struggles with in his personal and private life. It’s an honest look at an actor who we typically only see through the lens of hit movies, carefully crafted social media posts, or late-night television show appearances. This one was a little more vulnerable and went a little deeper. Check out what Reynolds had to say:

In this way, Ryan Reynolds does admit to being overworked and over-scheduled which seems kind of obvious when you see the number of projects he’s involved with right now. But the part where most can relate to him, no matter what walk of life you come from, is that sometimes anxiety can cause someone to put things off, or try to avoid work, or let things slip through the cracks. This kind of thing isn’t just reserved for overbooked actors. I think most people can relate. 

And if Ryan Reynolds is feeling stretched a little thin right now, it makes a lot of sense. Just this year he has three movies coming out and hitting the big screen. There’s the Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Wife which releases on June 16th. It’s interesting that in this movie, the trailer opens with Reynolds’ character talking to a therapist about his struggles with stress. In the movie’s case it’s because he’s worried about a hitman killing him, but I suppose there’s at least some overlap with the feelings. 

Ryan Reynolds

He also has Free Guy set to finally hit theaters at the end of the summer on August 13. In this one, Ryan Reynolds is a happy-go-lucky dude who doesn’t realize he’s an NPC in a video game. The concept looks great and the only reason it hasn’t hit screens yet is because of pandemic-related theater closings last year. He also has Red Notice set to hit Netflix sometime around the end of the year. Plus Giant Freakin Robot had the scoop the other day that Ryan Reynolds might be gearing up for his own Die Hard franchise. 

And of course, what might be on the mind of Ryan Reynolds more than anything else work-related is the state of the next Deadpool movie. It will be the first one for the franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there have been persistent rumors and rumblings that Reynolds and the studio might be at odds over the tone of the next film.

Apparently, Ryan Reynolds wants it to remain very much the R-rated tone we saw in the first couple of flicks, but not everyone at Disney might see it the same way. So the dude is as busy as ever and it makes sense that there would a lot of stress that comes with it. It’s good he’s letting it out there so others can see that folks on the big screen sometimes struggle with the same stuff off of it.