See Ryan Reynolds Replacing Himself With LeVar Burton

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is apparently on a mission. His assignment? Getting actors we all want to see more of on the screen. He’s finding his groove for this work in the way of commercials. Previously, he brought actor Rick Moranis on screen for a Mint Mobile commercial. And now? He’s heard the call of fans everywhere looking to get more airtime for LeVar Burton. While a brief commercial for gin isn’t what fans were asking for, it’s a start! Reynolds shared a brief video on his YouTube channel where he officially handed over the job of spokesperson for Aviation Gin to Burton. Watch the video below.

Naturally, by the end of the 48-second clip, Ryan Reynolds had found a way to whisper something to make it a touch weird, so you don’t leave without being at least a little amused. He posted the video with the caption, “Officially starting the Levar Burton for literally everything campaign.” Though really, that’s probably a train he’s just hitching his wagon to. Fans have already started petitions to make the actor a host for Jeopardy!. It couldn’t be more clear that Burton has won fans’ hearts. Perhaps Reynolds pointing it out will help cement things for the people responsible for setting a permanent Jeopardy! host. The fans want more from this actor.

As far as Aviation Gin is concerned, Ryan Reynolds has a personal interest in seeing their marketing campaigns succeed. He has an ownership stake in the Portland, Oregon based company. In 2020, the company sold for $610 million, so the business is doing well. Stepping up as a spokesperson for the company could actually lead to a fair amount of work for Burton if Aviation Gin continues its current growth patterns. Similarly, Ryan Reynolds has a majority stake in Mint Mobile. When he invests in a company, he does their commercials. And apparently, he hands that marketing off to actors he admires, like LeVar Burton and Rick Moranis.

levar burton

As far as things that Ryan Reynolds could do with his fame, giving beloved actors work is not a bad way to go. As much as fans are demanding to see more of LeVar Burton, he’s definitely had a busy career. You may have fallen in love with him on Star Trek as Geordi La Forge or you might have grown up with him reading to you on Reading Rainbow. Audiences first became intensely aware of him in 1977 when he played Kunta Kinte/Toby in Roots. The TV mini-series gained the actor a great deal of attention, and naturally, so has Star Trek. Even with these highlights, Burton has never stopped working on a multitude of projects. He wasn’t afraid to show up in TV spots and movies or diversifying his skills to be a director and producer.

Recently, LeVar Burton has become a bit of an influencer on Twitter. He’s one of the celebrities that are easy to keep up with through social media. He’s also reminded his fans why they loved him so much in the first place by starting up his podcast, LeVar Burton Reads. Soon, we’ll be seeing him as one of the guest hosts on Jeopardy!. Hopefully, the support of his passionate fans, like Ryan Reynolds, will mean more from Burton soon.