See Ryan Reynolds React To Flirty Comments From Betty White

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

betty white ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is one of the most sought-after actors we have in Hollywood these days, continually churning out blockbusters on the back of good scripts and his ability to pull the charm off in nearly every setting. It’s a testament to his talent and charisma that nearly everything he does is well-received. But in some folks’ eyes, Reynolds is the one who can’t get over *them*. That would be Betty White who had some pretty funny things to say about her and Reynolds’ relationship, such as it were. And Ryan Reynolds, when he heard, was quick to respond with a hilarious clarification. 

Betty White was interviewed for People on the eve (ish) of her 100th birthday. During the discussion, the topic of Ryan Reynolds came up considering the two have worked on the big screen together in the past. White, even in her 100th year still appears to have the same quick tongue she’s had, well, forever and had a funny spin on her and Reynolds. White said, “I’ve heard Ryan can’t get over his thing for me, but Robert Redford is The One.” For those not in the “know”, this is something of an ongoing joke with Reynolds having had some fun over the years discussing his White as an ex of his. Well, when the People interview came out, Reynolds had no problem jumping back into the mix and playfully admonishing the rag for going for clicks over content. Check it out:

This is an ongoing gag between the two, really more from the Ryan Reynolds side of things, that’s been going on for the last couple of years. It started in earnest a few years ago when Reynolds took to Instagram to wish Betty White a happy 97th birthday. In it, he called her his “ex-girlfriend” with a picture of them staring longingly at each other on the couch of Jimmy Kimmel. This started the back and forth which led to the question from People. All in good fun. 

Ryan Reynolds calling out People for exploiting relationships in exchange for clicks is pretty hilarious all things considered, playing more in the tongue-in-cheek piece of the joke in general. And if there was any century-old talent who could give it back some, it’s definitely Betty White. It’s the thing that really makes the whole thing work. How Robert Redford feels about being thrown into all of this? That we don’t know. I doubt he ends up weighing in. 

As for Ryan Reynolds and what he’s up to these days, well the dude is about as big a draw as it gets from the big screen perspective. Over the summer his Free Guy was a hit on nearly every level, flipping the idea of video games on its head with his character an NPC in a popular game who finds out he actually needs to be a hero. Even with theaters not fully opened, the movie pulled in over $330 million on its $100 million budget. 

And then there was this fall’s Red Notice with Ryan Reynolds teaming up with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot for a heist flick on Netflix. It didn’t take long for the movie to be the most-watched offering on the streamer in its opening 28-day window. It really was a trio of superstars combining their efforts into a movie that would have widespread appeal, another testament to Reynolds’ talent.