See Ryan Reynolds Tear Up While Receiving A Major Award

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is one of the biggest stars Hollywood has to offer right now, combining charisma, ironic wit, and immense talent to star in some of the biggest hits we have on the big screen. And the actor and entrepreneur was recently honored by his home country of Canada for work he’s done both on the screen and off. The presentation ceremony was done in the form of a song for Reynolds with some pretty big names involved. And it ended up bringing Ryan Reynolds to tears before it was all said and done. 

Ryan Reynolds was presented the Governor General’s Award, a series of awards and accolades given to a number of different people in academic, artistic, or other fields. This presentation for Reynolds was in the form of a music video that highlighted a number of things the actor has done to give back to others in the country. And among other people, it was performed by friend Steven Page, the lead singer of Canadian rock back The Barenaked Ladies. Check out the video presentation for Ryan Reynolds and his heartfelt reaction to the performance and message. 

Vacillating between the themes of “Canada’s Got Your Back” and “Canada Loves You Back”, Steven Page sings about a number of ways that Ryan Reynolds has been able to stand out above some other Canadians. While the song is mostly humorous in nature, aligned with Reynolds’ comedic sensibilities, there is also some emotion in there with Page and others clearly recognizing what Reynolds has done to help others in Canada. Shot over different Canadian landscapes and with assists from folks like William Shatner, professional hockey players, a full orchestra, and more, the five-minute video had Reynolds fighting off some tears by the end. And in closing, a number of different charitable foundations are highlighted, ones that Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively have supported with donations in the past.

While it isn’t clear just how much Ryan Reynolds has given to different charities, it was reported (and mentioned in the video) that his support during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic was substantial. One report had it that they donated more than $1 million dollars to food banks back in February. That was in the form of two separate, $500K donations to two different organizations. They followed that up with another $1 million donation shortly after. 

While the Governor’s General Award doesn’t carry with it any monetary benefit for Ryan Reynolds, that’s clearly not the point. This presentation was meant to definitely show how appreciative others in the country were of the work he has done. And the list of charities he’s worked with is substantial. Seeing his reaction certainly shows that this was something dear to his heart, and sometimes a presentation like one Steven Page and company put together was the best accolade of all. 

Ryan Reynolds is fresh off of starring in two blockbusters this year. This summer’s Free Guy was a hit all around, and his most recent film Red Notice is breaking all kinds of records on Netflix. Along with Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot have that film as the most-watched movie ever for its first 28 days on the platform.