Robert De Niro Is A Father At 79 Years Old

Robert De Niro has become a father for the seventh time.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

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According to People, Robert De Niro is a father, again. Though we don’t know much about the newest addition to his family, The Godfather Part II star does go on to offer sage-like advice that only a father of seven could give. This new addition to De Niro’s family struck us by surprise when the topic of parenting came up while discussing his most recent comedy film, About My Father.

When the topic of parenting his six children came up during the interview in question, Robert De Niro quickly corrected the interviewer, stating that he now has seven children. Though he didn’t elaborate further on the name of the child, or with which partner the child was conceived, he seems at peace with his station in life. He even offered some excellent parenting advice to those of us who are new parents ourselves, and for those who may just need a fresh perspective on things.

Robert De Niro stressed the importance of letting your kid find their own lane. He elaborated on this sentiment by stating that it doesn’t matter what your kid does in life as long as they’re happy, and they don’t sell themselves short. He went on to say that the best thing a parent can do for their children is to encourage them to be the best version of themselves and follow their dreams.

Though Robert Deniro’s eldest son, Raphael, has appeared in some films, the 46-year-old has found his calling as a real estate broker, taking on clients like Jon Bon Jovi, RenĂ©e Zellweger, Travis Kalanick, and Kelly Ripa. And Raphael has three children of his own, which means that Robert De Niro’s youngest child will grow up in the same generation as his grandchildren.

It’s crazy to think that Raphael De Niro’s youngest sibling is going to grow up experiencing a similar world that his own children are currently being exposed to.

Robert De Niro’s first six children are from three previous relationships. He adopted his eldest Daughter, Drena, 51, after he married actress Diahnne Abbott in 1976, and Raphael was born that same year.

In 1995, Robert De Niro welcomed twin sons, Julian and Aaron, into the world during his relationship with model, actress, and former girlfriend, Toukie Smith, who he was with from 1988 to 1996 after his divorce from Abbott. These twins were conceived by in-vitro fertilization, and delivered by a surrogate mother.

In recent decades, Robert De Niro was married to actress Grace Hightower, and the couple had two children of their own: Elliot, who is now 24 years old, and Helen Grace, who is now 11 years old.

Though it has not yet been confirmed, we have reason to believe that Robert De Niro’s seventh child was conceived with Tiffany Chen, who he has been dating since 2021.

It’s only fitting that Robert De Niro’s upcoming film has him portraying a father figure in About My Father. The film was written by comedian Sebastian Maniscalco and is loosely based on his own relationship with his own father, Salvo Maniscalco, who De Niro will be portraying. About My Father will be distributed by Lionsgate Films, and is slated for a May 26 release.