See Rita Ora Wearing Just A Feather Boa

Rita Ora was stunning in a boa at her pre-Grammy Awards party.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

rita ora

British musician Rita Ora is known as much for her daring outfits as she is for her songs, and she recently took it up to a new level at her pre-Grammy Awards party. The singer posted a picture set of herself and other celebrities on her incredibly popular Instagram account (which has over 16 million followers), showing off an outfit that consisted of little more than a black feather boa and a pair of matching briefs. It is the kind of risque look that very few people can pull off, but then again, very few people are Rita Ora.

The first picture in the Instagram photo set displays Rita Ora and her outfit (or lack thereof) in its full glory. While at first glance, the pop singer and occasional actress looks as though she simply has a floor-length boa draped across her shoulders, it actually appears to be attached to a diaphanous, nearly invisible gown. Underneath that, she is wearing a pair of plain black briefs and a pair of matching heels, and undeniably, very little else.

The caption to Rita Ora’s post expresses her wonder that she has been in the music industry for a solid decade (actually 11 years, if you’re counting from her 2012 debut album Ora) and promoting her new single “You Only Love Me.” She also shouts out the beauty brand Costa Brazil and LimitlessX, the branding company that sponsored her party, because synergy is very important even for global pop stars.

rita ora

The other photos in the set show off different sides of Rita Ora’s scandalous outfits and show her displaying a wickedly sharp-looking manicure against her face while she gives a Cheshire Cat grin. Several of the other pictures in the set feature the various celebrities that attended Rita Ora’s party before heading to the Grammy Awards, including soon-to-be director Kristen Stewart channeling her greasy rock n’ roll look from The Runaways, in the way that famous people are allowed to look kind of disheveled in public. 

Other celebrities that attended Rita Ora’s party reportedly included Casey Affleck, Riverdale star Camila Mendes, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, and Ora’s new husband, Taika Waititi. The Thor: Ragnarok director appears in one photo with Rita Ora’s arm around his neck, displaying a newly shorn skull and a fashionably casual look.

The Grammy Awards are always a hotspot of celebrity fashion and this year was no exception. From Cardi B’s classically stunning blue gown to Olivia Rodrigo’s sheer black goth dress to Dove Cameron’s, uh, lace bra, pretty much everyone arrived ready to stun. The ceremony itself included a staggeringly impressive collection of hip-hop talent in a 14-minute long medley of songs from the history of the genre, with everyone from Busta Rhymes to Ice-T to Queen Latifah joining in for a segment of their most famous work (not Will Smith, though, who apparently was too busy on a new project). As one can see from even Rita Ora’s pre-party, the Grammy Awards bring out a whole lot of style in people.