See Rita Ora Show Serious Leg In A Gorgeous White Gown

Rita Ora wore a tulle skirt that showed off lots of leg to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

By Jessica Scott | Published

rita ora

At first glance, Rita Ora’s dress for the Vanity Fair Oscar party looks tame. Demure, even. It is only when you look closer that you notice that the long tulle skirt of the all-white gown is actually composed of lots and lots of small pieces that are held onto the bottom of its square-necked corset by what almost looks like keyrings. This, as her Instagram post shows, enabled her to really show off her long, shapely legs as she enjoyed the event with her husband, Taika Waititi.

Rita Ora shared a series of photos in her post, starting with one of her smoldering as she stares down the camera, decked out in sparkly silver jewelry. In the second photo, she channels her inner vixen and shows off just how high of a slit the dress can have as she peeks her leg out, displaying her strappy silver stilettos. 

The fourth photo posted by Rita Ora looks a bit like one of those cheesy photos they take at the high school prom, with the singer’s husband standing behind her as she holds his hands on her hips and they both grin at the camera. Later on, in the reel of photos, the two are in a sexier pose reminiscent of a romance novel cover as they stand near a window in what looks almost like it could be a palace from centuries ago.

As reported in a recent article in People magazine, Rita Ora only confirmed that she and Taika Waititi were officially married in January 2023, putting months of rumors to rest. “Yes. Here we are,” she said when asked if the two had tied the knot or not, “They say everything happens for a reason. I am officially off the market, people!”

rita ora

Their wedding, according to Rita Ora, was simply “perfect.” It was “exactly, exactly how I wanted it,” which was small and intimate, something that was just for her and the groom, as opposed to being for the whole world. The proposal, she added, was more of a “let’s just go for it” thing, but the wedding was something she planned out and put a lot of thought into.

Rita Ora has been in the news recently because of her upcoming third studio album, from which the single “You Only Love Me” recently dropped. The music video for that song actually addresses the topic of the couple’s wedding, starting off with several celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Kristen Stewart congratulating Ora on her wedding and joking about not being invited. The video then heads off into a humorous, mad-cap tale complete with all the craziness that comes along with planning a big wedding.

According to the People magazine article, Rita Ora isn’t going to take her husband’s last name now that they are married. She is going to keep going by Rita Ora, which will presumably make it easy for fans to keep up with her and her new music. She will, however, take him to big events like the Vanity Fair Oscar party, so it seems like a win-win for everyone.